A quick chat with local bass wizard and radio don NCRYPT ahead of the Blackout: Black Sun Empire Tour

A quick chat with local bass wizard and radio don NCRYPT ahead of the Blackout: Black Sun Empire Tour

Monday, 01 June 2015

by: Rosie Rae, Bondi Beach Radio Marketing Manager

The bass gods have shined down upon us. This June Inhibit promotions and Breakneck entertainment present the national BLACKOUT Tour featuring Black Sun Empire and State of Mind.

I was lucky enough to chat with one of the awesome Dj’s on support; Sydney underground bass legend and radio presenter at Bondi Beach Radio Marc Freeman, or NCRYPT as he is better known.

Rosie: The Blue Mountains is quite a creative area, what was it like growing up there? Did you meet any early influences/inspirations?

Marc: Yeah it was a great experience growing up in the Blue Mountains, I got to get involved with a lot of local events up there playing at the Gearins hotel and the Baroque nightclub as well. That’s when I started getting into electronic music, when I was sort of hanging out with a friend of mine, we played a lot of music instrumentally and he introduced me to electronic music, which was a big key factor for the transition, which was great. We just sort of discovered new music from very low key outdoor parties, that’s how I got into it and started Djing from there.

How long have you been Djing for now?

Marc: It’s coming up to about 5 years now, I’m pretty sure. I’ve been playing since about 2008-2009, only seriously focusing on it as of the past few years, in Sydney.

Rosie: Have you always had an interest in production or was that something that kind of just happened when you started to develop Djing skills?

Marc: I’ve always been interested in production actually. Listening to the songs that I enjoy most, and the artists, I’ve been pretty intrigued about the process of making that sort of music. After studying sound production at Tafe I got a greater insight into how to make the electronic music that I wanted to produce. I learned a lot of great techniques. And lately I’ve been focusing on it quite seriously, and developing my own style of production.

Rosie: What initially drew you towards bass music in particular? Were there any key influences there?

Marc: Well I first got into listening to hip hop and heavy metal, that was what I started listening to in the beginning. The transition from instrumental to electronic music was, as the introduction to dubstep. I started listening to artists like Burial, Skream and Benga, 16 Bit and Kromestar, and from then I discovered a lot more labels, both international and local. It was only of the past few years that I started getting into Drum and Bass, I discovered artists like Spor and Pendulum and I really started enjoying that music a lot more.

Rosie: Who are some of your favourite producers?

Marc: There are so many, but to narrow it down to a top 5 at the moment I would probably say Ivy Lab, absolutely killing it at the moment, Om Unit, Cern, Koan Sound and Mefjus

Rosie: The local house, tech and acid house music scene has really been thriving in Sydney at the moment, what would you say has really influenced you to stick with bass music rather than jump on the band wagon like artists such as Skream have recently done?

Marc: I actually really enjoy house music as well, and I get the chance to play it out as well at the very rare Dj gigs like I go back to the Mountains, and I’ll play some house as well. It’s very true, Sydney is definitely thriving with tours and local artists, which is great to see, but currently I’m pursuing a career making a style of music that I feel most passionate about, and developing my own production style at this stage so I can work towards playing a lot of my own content in my sets. And potentially doing tours around Australia in the future.

Rosie: How would you say working at the local radio station Bondi Beach Radio, on your program Bass Mountains with Joel Pearson has helped shaped or influence your music taste/style?

Marc: My time at the radio show, co hosting the show for the past year and a bit has been a great experience, to be honest it’s really opened my eyes to some amazing music. We have guests coming in all the time, Djs and producers play a set, and they come all walks of life, a variety of different scenes and perspectives. When Joel of Brendan play a set, they both have generally exceptional music taste and I’m continuously discovering new music through them.

Rosie: What would you say some of your favourite labels are at the moment?

Marc: A few labels which I have been really enjoying lately are Metalheadz, Critical Music, Invisible Recordings which is Noisia’s sister label, inspected have been putting out great tunes, Exit Records and Neosignal

Rosie: If you were to get approached by a major label to sign you tomorrow and to release your music, who would you like that to be?

Marc: I think my ideal label to be releasing on the future would be critical music

What was your first reaction when the guys from breakneck and inhibit promotions asked you to support Black Sun Empire and State of Mind?

Marc: As to be expected it was fairly surprising, I was shocked, but mostly excited, it sort of slipped into casual conversation, we were at a party at Lucid labyrinth actually and a friend of mine just asked if I wanted to support at the Blackout tour in Sydney. It’s such a great opportunity to be involved with such high calibre music, I’m really looking forward to the event. I’m actually playing with a friend of mine who has been travelling Australia, he goes under the name MC ten6, I’ve played a few shows with him and he absolutely kills it.

The guys from breakneck have worked with the likes of Teddy Killerz and Ronan Audio, what has it been like to work with them?

Marc: I’m a good friend of Daniel, only recently has he started putting on his own events. He has got me on the bill at a few events coming up which are yet to be announced.

What’s next for NCRYPT, any new releases or big gigs to look forward to?

Marc: Over the next couple of months I have a few big gigs that are going to be announced. But so far I’ll be playing at the Blackout tour with Black Sun Empire, State of Mind, Trei, Neon light and VLTRN. Also supporting Loadstar later in June but there’s a few more to announce. In terms of releases, later in the year I’ll actually have a couple of tracks coming out on an up coming label from the UK called Ronan Audio. I feel like the next step for me is to focus on establishing myself as an artist and expressing creative ideas, and to be able to play my own tracks in front of an audience

Rosie: Thanks so much for sitting down with me, look forward to watching your set at the Blackout tour!

NCRYPT links:

SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/ncrypt_dnb

FB: https://www.facebook.com/NCryptDNB?fref=ts

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ncryptmusic

Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/NcryptDNB/

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