Pushing Trolleys featuring That’s Who

Pushing Trolleys featuring That’s Who

Friday, 25 March 2016

AN – First of all I want to address what’s going on with the terror attacks in Belgium. Our thoughts go out to everybody there. Is everybody ok?

TW – Physically everybody’s ok, but mentally it’s real heavy. It’s a shame people can do something like this.

AN – Our condolences and thoughts go out to everybody there. To get to know you better, how did That’s Who started?

TW – Basically we’re childhood friends with the same taste in music. We started to make music together, deep house. It’s worked out.

AN – You’d classify your music as deep house?

TW – Deep house, tech house. It depends on the party.

AN – Can you tell us a bit more about your past and future gigs? What was your favourite one and why?

TW – We’ve played several gigs in Belgium. One in La Rocca, it’s one of the biggest clubs in Belgium. We played Tomorrowland. It was amazing. In the future we have a good summer coming up, lots of club gigs.

AN – Does it involve a lot of touring around Europe, and perhaps to Australia?

TW – Not to Australia, but we are going to Spain, to Bulgaria, to Holland, and of course in Belgium. You should invite us to Australia! (Laughter)

AN – Which artists have you enjoyed playing with so far?

TW – They are all great, but one time we had the chance to meet Chocolate Puma. They’re a Dutch DJ duo. They are a very big inspiration for us, so it was a great moment.

AN – Do you have any new releases coming up?

TW – We have a release planned for the summer and a few collabs. We’ve just released a mashup pack, which you can download for free from our Facebook page.

AN – What’s your studio setup like?

TW – We produce with Ableton 9.5. We have Yamaha monitors with sub and KRK Rokits. We work mostly with plugins like Massive and Fab Filter Pro.

AN – Where can we find you on social media?

TW – We’re active on Facebook and SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitter by the name That’s Who Official.

AN – Thank you so much, it was a pleasure.

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