Aimi from Pushing Trolley’s catches up with Sydney DJ Ben Booth

Aimi from Pushing Trolley’s catches up with Sydney DJ Ben Booth

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Aimi Nakajima, co-host of Pushing Trolleys on Bondi Beach Radio, catches up with Sydney DJ Ben Booth about his influences, music philosophy, and the healthy state of the Sydney scene

Originally from Tasmania, Ben Booth started playing vinyl back in 1999 when he moved to Tokyo and bought his first set of 1200’s.

After 8yrs in London and with residencies around Shoreditch and Old St under his belt, Ben now calls Sydney home. His musical interests are as eclectic as his hat selection.

You can find him spinning deep, rolling house, chunky tech, minimal and progressive tunes every Tuesday on BBR show DHA Weekly, as well as in many clubs and at festivals around Australia.
Aimi: I’m here live in the studio with DHA’s Resident Ben Booth
Ben, how are you today?

Ben: Yeah good! How’s it going? Very well thank you, thanks for having us!

A: Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

B: So, I’m Ben Booth ? Originally from Tasmania and living in Sydney for close to 8 years now. I love music and I’m a resident at Bondi Beach Radio as well.
We have a show called Deep House Australia, which goes from 6.00pm to 8.00pm every Tuesday. I’m here to have a chat with you and maybe play some beats later…

A: Awesome stuff … can you tell us a bit more what inspires you and gets you out of bed in the morning?
B: Ha … my girlfriend Coco get’s me up in the morning, normally with a cup of coffee… Well look, I like to keep it positive, I do my very best to share that positivity with everyone around me and hopefully everyone knows that. I think there is a lot of negativity in the world today, hanging around. And we need to get over that and just push through.
A: Yeah … and what’s your current view on the state of the current music Sydney music scene?
B: I think it’s firing, yes it’s absolutely firing. There is loads of good stuff going on! I’m sure you guys know here on Pushing Trolleys, but also through DHA we got lots of awesome local artists on our shows. And it’s super motivating, especially with the current climate you know, a few people 6 months ago were saying it’s the end of days  … but really, if you dig a bit deeper and look around – there is loads of cool stuff going on.
A: Can you tell us where you will be playing soon?
B: Yeah sure, the next big one for me, I’m playing with my gorgeous partner CoCo at a Play Date set at Subclub. Miro Pajic is coming to the Zoo Project and we will be playing an opening set at the 6th of August.
We also got our first overseas set in Poland which is extremely exciting. The festival is called Pletzic which is owned by a German based label. The festival is expected to have 20,000 people and we hope to have all those people in front of our stage on the beach. Realistically we will have 5,000 people and I’m quite excited, even a bit nervous about that. But it will be really cool, so yeah wonderful things are happening for us in music land.
A: Nice … and one more final question, what does Bondi Beach Radio mean for you?

B: It means absolute freedom, it’s the opportunity to play music on a regular basis. Play music that we like and also more for myself it’s sometimes an internal monologue that I have for myself and plays tunes that I like.

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