Dave Goode speaks to Roman Lopez and Frankie Romano about DJing and best gigs

Dave Goode speaks to Roman Lopez and Frankie Romano about DJing and best gigs

Friday, 15 July 2016

Dave Goode on the Problem People Radio Show catches up with Roman Lopez and Frankie Romano to talk about DJing, best DJ gigs, and a common love for music

DG: Tell me about you two, you two are a production duo? Or how does this work?

FR: Look Ramon is Ramon, and I’m Frankie, and yeah we’re producing together

RL: We get on really well, we play really nice sets together, we have fun together, and we get into the studio and we connect really well too ..

FR: It’s evolution …

DG: I’ve heard you guys DJ together and its pretty good, so I can understand the synergy between the two of you. So what else is happening? Ramon you’re from Spain?

RL: Yeah I’m Spanish, I’ve been living in Sydney for 3 years, loving it here

DG: What brings you here?

RL: Love ….

DG: Good onya man, it’s a beautiful country to be in ..

RL: Its an amazing place to be living in … I’ve got a permanent residency here so I can be here or in Europe and I choose to be here …

DG: … and Frankie tell me about yourself, I know you play around town very regularly ..

FR: Yeah I get around … prob not as much as you do …

DG: I’ve seen you come up through the ranks

FR: Its been a while, 13 years I’ve been playing now ..

DG: You’ve got the stripes …

FR: … ha yeah I earned them, the ups and down of DJing and music, as we all know. But its been great I’ve enjoyed the trip, I’ve enjoyed the journey, and still am, I’m sure you are too. When you love something, its hard to stop …

DG: This is all I know now, I’m buggered if I need to try something else..

FR: I’m the same, I wouldn’t know what to do without music! You do it because its in your veins …

RL: You have to have a passion to do it, but when you have a passion … you have it!

DG: Yeah that’s it. We can’t do without it.. We breathe it. We do it on a Wednesday night, we do it on a Monday night, we do it any night of the week. This is what we do. We’re very lucky, I do feel very blessed that we love this

RL: Yeah I do feel absolutely privileged that my life goes around music and I just love it

DG: Now Ramon there’s going to be a lot of people going to Europe going to Spain … can you give them any good tips as to good clubs around the Med that you’ve played in … that you love

RL: I’ve played in many places in the Greek Islands, in Ibiza … just get there and get the vibe … get the Mediterranean sexy vibe … there’s many places, there’s good clubs and bad clubs like anywhere

DG: So what’s the best club you’ve played in? In Spain?

RL: My favourite club is probably Space Ibiza

DG: Of course … it’s closing down this year

RL: Yeah I’m actually going to the closing …

DG: … so tell me, we’ve got some questions from online here, what’s your favourite gig?

RL: My favourite gig … probably was in 2010 .. in Angola, Luanda the capital of Angola, that was pretty sick

DG: Wow. That’s pretty mad, South Africa I can understand, but Angola?

RL: … yeah I’ll make it really short … in Angola, everything that is big in Portugal goes into Angola … and I’ve got a production partner Gonzalo Luis … DJ Balearic Soul … in Spain … and we had a big hit in many countries in Europe. So the track went really good in Portugal, then it went into Angola, and in Angola there is only one radio show that does dance music. And these guys booking us were playing our tracks for a month, so in a month they turned us into super stars in Angola! So we got there and it was amazing. 12,000 people going crazy just because I’m entering the venue .. that was crazy … their reaction and passion you could see them feeling for the music. They have little money but they just save for 3 months to go to these parties … and they just go crazy … imagine the energy there, it was just unbelievable!

DG: yeah wow … and Frankie? Best gig you’ve ever done?

FR:  I reckon the most special gig was down in Adelaide … White Rabbit … about 4 years ago. I got down there, it was Easter long weekend, and I walked into this place. And its like this Alice in Wonderland Nightclub, trippy as … as I got into the place it was packed. The bouncer escorted me through and I got to the back and I saw this birdcage, and that’s where the DJ box was, all these people below me. I thought its pretty crazy, I’d never DJ’d in a birdcage before, and I was meant to play from 1 until 3 and I ended up playing until close, like 6 in the morning back then … you know when a crowd just vibes …

DG: Yeah you can’t ask more than that interaction between you and the crowd, you’re feeding off what the crowd wants

FR: Yeah those special ones, you look out and you just see the people just staring at tyou and its just magic, amazing …

DG: I’ll go with one of mine now that we’re talking, one of my top 10, I was in Fabric in Moscow, and it was a big club like Home Nightclub here in Sydney, and when we got in the DJ box, halfway through the set they never told us but the thing elevates up to the mezzanine floor on the second level … so all of a sudden, we’re playing vinyl at the time and the needles jumping, and they never told us … and we dealt with it, and next thing we’re up on the next level, and we’re ‘whats up everybody, look at you guys there’! That was insane to be in Moscow to see the party crew go crazy …

DG: Thanks Roman Lopez and Frankie Romano, lets get back to the music, Bondi Beach Radio is all about the music

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