Sunday, 14 August 2016


Bondi Pavilion

Cathy Henderson is the director of Waverley Life at the Waverley Council, and she has got the difficult role of convincing the community that it is important to have the Bondi Pavilion revamp, to sort a balance between commercial and community spaces. Involving the community is seen as so important in this role especially seeing the green ban has been placed by the unions, and so consultation with the community is very important. Council are pulling out all stops to invite consultation with the community.

Here is Cathy Henderson to explain to Gerry North on Street Arts on Bondi Beach Radio:


Here is the transcript

Cathy: The building needs repair, conservation, and upgrade. Everyone agrees we need to get it right, but there is a lot of community passion around how to get it right. We are conducting a further period of consultation about the Bondi Pavilion Upgrade Conservation Project. The Council has amended the earlier designs in response to community feedback, but there is still a lot more discussion to be had. So this is an opportunity for people to have further input into broad topics such as the uses of the first floor, or how to ensure fair and equitable access for the community to Bondi Pavilion, also input into specific and important topics such as our music facilities and music programs, our theatre facilities and theatre programs, our gallery and exhibition and heritage displays, all of these important aspects of the wonderful facility that is Bondi Pavilion.


BBR:  Those fine sentiments would be echoed by the community, but how much has the original design, which caused so much fuss, been changed in the new design?


Cathy: Well Council, when it considered the community feedback that had been gathered up until March, decided that in fact it would not make a decision about the uses of the first floor. So although there are some reduced commercial tenancy space on the ground floor that’s in the current plans, the uses of the first floor aren’t decided. So people are welcome to give their feedback about it being community use, a mix of community and commercial use, or a bit more commercial use, and Council will be making a decision on that later after it has received the further community feedback.


BBR: And when will that finish?


Cathy: This further period of consultation is going until late September


BBR: I went down to the Pavilion today and I was really glad to see there are tables and plans and information available for the community to come along and have a look


Cathy: Yes that’s right, there is an information booth on every day at Bondi Pavilion in coming weeks so we hope that will be a good way for providing information to locals and visitors there


BBR: What other avenues are there, besides that, to find out what is going on with the Community Centre?


Cathy: Well there is a website, and if listeners go to they can go to the website where the amended plans are there, the amended concept plan, an explanation to the amended plan, and some further artist impressions.


At that website you can also book in to small group discussions that we’re having on particular topics such as music and theatre and gallery. People are also welcome to drop in to the info booth we are holding at Eastgate Shopping Centre from 10th August and at Westfield Bondi Junction from 24thAugust. We will also have a survey for people to fill out that will become available very shortly on the website.


BBR: Well Cathy that’s just great really, the Council are going all out to let the public get involved, see the new ideas, and comment, and I think that’s just wonderful.


Cathy: Thank you Gerry, great to talk to you

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