Izzy live for BBR Bootleg Broadcast #17

Izzy live for BBR Bootleg Broadcast #17

Friday, 19 August 2016

DJ Apache, host of Flat Earth radio on Bondi Beach Radio Saturday 4pm-6pm (AEST), catches up with talented emerging Sydney RnB artist, singer songwriter, and pianist Izzy in the BBR EastSideMusicHub studio for a live Bootleg Broadcast Session. Izzy chats about music influences and inspiration, before performing live 5 stripped back tracks from an upcoming EP

Apache: We have Izzy in the studio, how are you going?

Izzy: Greetings! Good, I’m good, how are you?

A: Very very good … actually still a little bit snotty after a week of being sick …

I:  Yeah so am I

A: That’s perfect for being live …

I:  Yeah. It brings a nice dimension to the sound

A: Yeah .. so you’ve got some live music planned for us today?

I: I’m going to be singing 5 songs from my forthcoming EP, which I haven’t recorded yet …

A: So is that being released anywhere or is that a self release?

I:  It will be a self release, self funded …

A: … maybe we should talk … we are doing releases under the Flat Earth label … we’ve got the artist here Vijayjay … he’s a bit camera shy … so tell us about your music, what sort of genre, where do you get your inspiration from?

I: I don’t really know what genre it is … but I’m definitely inspired by a lot of RnB, a lot of soul, a lot of hip hop, blues, jazz …. some of my favourite artists are currently The Internet, I’m a big fan of Banks, Erykah Badu, David Bowie, The Beatles, The Beach Boys … everyone, everyone’s influenced me in some way! .. but I think the kind of music that I want to make is definitely starting towards the RnB kind of thing …

A: I was listening to you warm up before … and you know the band Betty & Oswald? I reckon you could dopplegang as the singer …

I: Or she could dopplegang as me …

A: yeah or vice versa, so if you’re ever sick, just hit her up! … so how long have you been playing music for?

I: I started piano when I was six, studied it classically, did it for about twelve years intensively, two lessons a week and did exams every year … and then when I was around fourteen I started to listen to Regina Spektor and she was also classically trained so I resonated with that … and started singing and started to take it a little more seriously … also do you know the comedian Tim Minchin?

A: No I can’t say I do …

I: Dude!

A: We’re music people not comedians ..

I: Yeah but he’s a musical comedian! … and he’s sick on the piano, so talented, and he kind of inspired me as well … and my parents are musicians

A: Cool, what instruments do they play?

I: So dad plays piano

A: So that’s where that came from?

I: Yeah that’s where it came from, and he encouraged me to learn piano, and he plays jazz … so that’s where I branched out of the classical realm and started messing around … and mum sings as well

A: Awesome, so best of both of worlds, thanks parents!

I: Yeah thank you mum and dad, thank you ..

A: Cool, so anything you want to say to the listeners?

I: Well just to all of my million fans out there listening, I hope I’m going to give you a good performance!

A: Ok, well after this one song, its over to you, thank you!


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