New Drum and Bass label Monarch Records chats to Breakneck Audio

New Drum and Bass label Monarch Records chats to Breakneck Audio

Friday, 16 September 2016

Monarch Records is Australia’s newest Drum & Bass label, with a strong focus on Sydney’s local scene. Monarch is aiming to provide a stepping stone for our artists to the international stage. Breakneck Audio catches up with them in the Bondi Beach Radio Eastside Music Hub studio …

B: We’re here with Monarch Records

M: What up?

B: Mr Huggood, the most loveable face in Drum and Bass

M: I don’t know about face

B: And the man Dan Struz … what’s going on boys?

M: Yo yo yo. Living the dream

B: Excellent, excellent … so I’ve noticed that you guys have been quite busy with Monarch Records … what’s been going on?

M: Oh you know, just … music … that’s what it’s about isn’t it?

B: So recently you’ve just done the launch of the label, it’s excellent to see, I know you’ve had that in the works for a long time … so what’s the original concept behind the whole label? I know you guys have been releasing a lot of local releases, tracks and stuff ..

M: Well our main goal for the record label … there are a lot of talented DnB producers out there, which not a lot of people know outside of their state, and general area, so our goal for this record label is to help promote great Australian DnB producers from other states all around Australia and the world.

B: And yes that’s great actually because there is so much hidden talent I think in Sydney, so its been really good to see a lot of local producers that have come through

M: There is so many good local producers here that no-one is aware of because they’re not really given the time of day, so you know, that’s what we’re here for

B: Yeah sweet, and its good to see that talent be unearthed. For everyone who may not know, what are some of the releases and artists you have on board

M: So our first release is D-Vide and Absence. They have both come from the hardcore scene. And well known local legend Severity Zero who is coming up on our second release. And Xsetra … how could be miss that one … huge release. Wicked single, really dark technical vibes, smashes it every time. And then we’ve got another local legend Mark Bionic. He’s on our 4th release. He’s got some nice chill liquid. And then the 5th one is me and Mark… I don’t know, its kind of techy, kind of deep, dark, its good … and then yeah that’s where we’re up to now. We’ve got a few releases planned. So we’ll just have to wait and see.

B: And where can we check out those releases? I know you guys have a website to buy stuff, merchandise as well, so will all the tracks be released on certain mediums?

M: Yeah you’ll be able to find the tracks everywhere. Beatport, iTunes, Spotify, pretty much all the major ones … you can buy directly from our website, along with the merch …. check out the Soundcloud for our previews … we’ll be everywhere man

B: That’s awesome … how long has all this been coming to fruition for?

M: Too long, you don’t want to know! ..

B: Yeah we all know how things get sidelined with how busy we are with life and work and whatever but just interested to kind of figure out when it started to piece together … when it became more real?

M: Well over a year in the planning … it was two years to the day before launch! I said if it wasn’t going to be by then I was going to pull the plug! It was so hard to do sometimes

B: Well we are bloody glad you didn’t, the releases have all been spectacular, we have had a couple of them dropped on the show from the various different artists, little cheeky teasers, it’s been a bit of fun and we’ve been loving the sounds. Xsetra is always putting out great music. Some of his tunes that we’ve put on the radio have had huge response, so its always good to have somebody like that who’s so down to earth, and so honest about what he wants to make.

M: We’re just waiting for NCrypt to rear his head on Monarch …

B: Yes I was about to say when are you getting in there Morcy? … Soon he says M: Soon. Two years he’s been saying that!

B: Ooooh. That’s alright we’ll push him when we need to!

M: He’s a busy boy

B: He is, he’s doing very well

M: He only wants to give us the best of the best, so we can understand that

B: That’s the way to do it. I mean look at Billy Dauntless. He spent how many years working on his music and then finally when he does drop it … time makes things wonderful … anyway lets get back to the tunes, thanks for having a chat with us and dropping some great tunes

M: Thanks for having us on


Catch some of Sydney’s local homegrown production talent at the Annual Drum n Bass Producers Showcase Friday 18th November at Candys Apartment. It is a great opportunity for both Sydney’s producers and the local DnB dancefloor crew to hear some of the fine musical talent we have coming out of Sydney.

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