The Deus Surf Swap 10: BBR Street Arts

The Deus Surf Swap 10: BBR Street Arts

Thursday, 06 October 2016
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THE DEUS SURF SWAP 10 (Oct 2nd 2016)

It is a beautiful Sunday, the sun is shining, and the Bondi Pavilion is covered in Surfboards for sale at the Deux Surf Swap and of course playing in the background is what you would expect, surfing music.

Gerry North, host of Street Arts on Bondi Beach Radio, catches up with Damian Fuller, organizer of the Deux Surf Swap.

Gerry: I’m here with Damian, one of the organisers of the Deus Surf Swap, is that how you say it?

Damian : the correct Latin would be “day-us” but close enough

Gerry: What about the crowd and the event at the moment, what do you think?

Damian: It’s a very mellow crowd, and looks like its going to be a glorious day. This is the 10th one of these events that we’ve done, but this is by far the biggest and the best I would venture to say. The idea behind the event is we bring out our old vintage boards, that people have carefully stashed away at home, and we bring them out so we can share the love and enjoy them. But this year we’ve added a new element where we’ve brought some contemporary surfboard shapers along and we can bring out the old boards and get the opinions of the new shapers. So we are mixing the old and the new. Keeping it all relevant and up to date.

Gerry: So you’re taking a retro look at the boards, and then having a look at the new techniques with boards, and comparing those?

Damian: Yes and then we’ll get the opinions of the modern shapers of how these boards have changed over time and what elements of the old boards are still relevant today, and how the new boards are different.

Gerry: Who has put this together? The whole surf swap?

Damian: I would be one of the original collaborators, with the team at Deus.

Gerry: Deus ex Machina, are they associated with the motorbikes?

Damian: They certainly are, but Dan the founder of the brand is very passionate about when he was a young man surf and motorbike culture was one and the same thing. If you surfed you generally had a motor bike. And then it was some point in the 80’s that the two split apart for no real reason, and motorbikes went inland and surfers stuck to the beach. Its his dream to bring the two cultures back together.

Gerry: So why aren’t the bikes here today?

Damian: The bikes were last Saturday!

Gerry: So there is no thoughts to bring the two things together on the one day?

Damian: Well generally we live and breathe the two things together every day, so we’ve given today over to the boards, and last week over to the bikes. .. Pretty much every board is either a collectible one that is living in someone’s garage, or one that’s for sale that has been collecting dust in the back of their garage.

Gerry: And what does Deus ex Machina mean?

Damian: Deus ex Machina means God in the machine, so what it’s about is exploring the beauty within the object , so the spirit that lives within each motorcycle or surfboard.

Gerry: Yes, and you look at some of those retro Yamaha’s that you are very good at putting together, and they look absolutely beautiful and charming the way they capture that retro look, and have been done up to make them look really smart.

Damian: Yeah its not all about being the fastest thing on two wheels, as you say, its about celebrating the aesthetics of it.

Gerry: There has been some great live music from local resident Sammy Smith (New Native), Pat Capocci and The Jim Mitchells playing here today too … I’m going to ask you for a track of music that you really like to play?

Damian: Easy, easy choice for me! I’d love it if you could play The Go Betweens ‘Surfing Magazines’

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