Musicians Lead the Fight to Save Bondi Pavilion

Musicians Lead the Fight to Save Bondi Pavilion

Saturday, 29 October 2016


Free benefit Concert featuring Hoodoo Guru’s, Art v Science, The Dawsons, Martha Marlow and more on Sun 6th November, leading the fight to Save Bondi Pavilion

Gentrification and privatisation by stealth has been the bitter flavour of Sydney the past couple of years, and the crushing impact this has had on our city’s once thriving art and cultural landscape has been well documented. This has been especially damaging in Sydney’s Eastside, with infamous nightclubs around Kings Cross and Darlinghurst being replaced by skyscraper residential apartment blocks faster than you can say ‘Casino Mike’, and our own Bondi Beach being subject to local Councillors trying to rush through redevelopment plans converting the Bondi Pavilion heritage community and cultural centre into an ill conceived commercial and retail precinct.

Encouragingly the politically lethargic Sydney population looks to have finally taken a leaf from Melbourne’s books, and dragged their apathetic arses from the beaches, boats, and real estate guides, to start forming a meaningful resistance to this cultural mis-appropriation.

The two Keep Sydney Open rallies in the city have seen over 20,000 people take to the streets in demand of restoring a vibrant and safe night life, and the local Save Bondi Pavilion campaign has also been gathering steam with some significant milestones including the CFMEU placing a green ban on the building until community support is evident, the National Trust of Australia releasing a position paper supporting the community use of the building, and the commencement of a community run FuturePav process shaping a use of the Pavilion that better reflects the true desires and character of the local community.

Bondi has a proud history of rising to meet the failings of government. On Good Friday 1989, at the end of the Australian summer, almost a quarter of a million people gathered on a drizzly afternoon at Bondi Beach for the ‘Turn Back the Tide’ concert organised to protest against the sewage pollution of Sydney beaches. Their presence marked a level of community concern that engineers and politicians had been totally unprepared for. The huge turnout shocked even the organisers who were expecting around 60,000. Random polling showed most were there for the issue, not just the music.

And here we are once more unto the breach, on Sunday 6th November a number of talented local musicians will be leading the fight once again. This is going to be a special day, please come down, show your support, and get amongst it, from 1:30pm

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