Webben catches up with Remi on Vibes

Webben catches up with Remi on Vibes

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Webben from BBR’s Vibes with Webben and Annie radio show chats to award winning Melbourne artist Remi who has been making an impact all over the world – performing alongside producer and beatmaster Sensible J, the shows are making people take notice globally.

Webben: So I’m here with Remi who has just within the last month released his second record Divas and Demons. Remi how are you and how has the reception been over the last month for the new record?

Remi: I’m about as good as the reception’s been man! People have been really lovely and you can’t really complain when people like your music, you just ride with it, it’s been good times bro. It’s always hard to tell in such a short period of time but as long as our core fan base is happy that’s all I really care about

W: Speaking of the core fan base, this is your second record after backing up from a big one in Raw X Infinity, did that thought ever cross your mind that it was going to be hard to back up from that record?

R: Not really, you know, the way Sensible J and I work, and the way that we make sure that if we like the music, that’s what it’s going to be, and so with Raw X Infinity that was our approach and people accepted us for that. So it didn’t really become a problem as far as backing anything up because all we’ve ever done is exactly what was true to us. So we just had to be true to us again, and that’s what we did.

W: There’s pretty obvious theme’s running through it, and you’ve said before that it was a difficult record for you to make, is there a level of vulnerability playing these songs to your fans?

R: Less to our fans than there is I think to the press you know!

W: Yeah right, big time

R: When your fans have your back, you know what I mean, and they support you … I feel comfortable with our fans, J feels comfortable with our fans, because they are there by choice, and they are there because they do like the music and they do enjoy it … so I think sharing with them and giving them everything is kind of what is owed. People can definitely try and twist the words that come out of your mouth but its less likely to be our fans than it is the press.

W: That being said there are a lot of songs on this album that are quite personal, but like Raw X Infinity there is a lot of socially aware content on there that a lot of Australians can relate to, does that play a big role in the overall message that you want to portray, or are these just subjects that you are quite passionate about?

R: I guess its just a little from Column A, a little from Column B, but more thn anything this is just our existence. You know that’s what Hip Hop is based off, its not based off reinventing the wheel, or you know talking about some far fetchedness … even though it can get there … its about something about your reality, and all of the music we put out is our reality you know

W: So, I know this is a bit like picking a favourite baby, and its not ever an easy thing to do, but do you have a favourite song on the record?

R: I actually don’t man. Its really hard to say, I don’t …. I have favourite beats, because I’m such a fan of J’s, I’m so lucky to have someone like that as the person I’m in a group with …

W: yeah big time

R: I really love the beat on Outsiders … I really love the beat on Lose Sleep … actually I really like every beat on the album, haha! That’s why I chose them!

W: Ha, yeah fair enough man … you talk about Lose Sleep … working with Jordan Rakei, that must have been incredible

R: Yeah, Jordan’s a great guy man. You know like he’s such a talented individual, and a really lovely guy with his heart in the right place, so he’s always a pleasure to work with.

W: Well you got to work with him, and then he got to work with you … what was it like actually having the credit put on his record when you dropped your verse on Snitch?

R: Yeah you know, anytime you are part of anybody’s project, it’s a really special thing. I’m a huge fan of Jordan’s stuff prior to doing music with him, so yeah it’s been an awesome ride

W: So you got to play a couple of these songs I suppose as a preview on Seth Sentry’s 1969 Campaign Trail, were you happy with the response that some of those songs got? Because I know you were playing Substance Therapy and For Good which were already known on JJJ, but being able to play songs like Hate You and see that reaction of a completely fresh song, were you happy with the response that got?

R: Yeah, I guess, it’s always very different when you’re not playing to your fan base … test driving it on people that have never heard of you before and stuff like that, but yeah I was happy with that and I was happy with the shows … people were really feeling what we were putting down, so it was good times

W: How was touring with Seth? Because he’s a bit of a character isn’t he?

R: He is a character … but at the same time we were in very separate touring parties … so we rock up to the shows and say ‘what up’ and keep it moving … but yeah he’s a gentleman

W: It was a big time to feature on his record on that Nobody Like Me track and also playing it live, could you see how big a reception that got when you guys were playing that in the encores?

R: Yeah 16 times we got to see it haha! It was good time bro

W: So you’ve got your own tour kicking off. We’ve got the Divas and Demons tour kicking off in November and you’ll be here in Sydney … so from this tour what can we expect from the live experience here?

R: I guess just the funk man. Right now we are in chill time mode. Within the next couple of weeks we are going to start rehearsals and stuff and then I’ll have more of an idea … I like to just sit down with J and plan out how we are going to do the show and do stuff … so right now its not fair to tell the people what they are going to get because I just don’t know

W: Yeah yeah, that’s fair, but seriously what a journey its been massive … I remember years ago hearing Saggin on JJJ and Shazaming it and going hey who’s this dude, and then watching your rise to fame from there. It’s been pretty inspiring. How much of a path did JJJ Unearthed play in setting up your career now?

R: Yeah a lot, you know, JJJ has always had our back and they’ve … continued to play our stuff regardless of what the content is, so that’s rare from any radio station, which I really appreciate

W: And last but not least man, what’s happening pre-tour? What are you doing outside of the Rap game at the moment? Are there any other ventures on?

R: I guess just like music in general man. I’ve been rapping a whole lot, trying to get my stuff together. Every time we get off tour I try and collect my thoughts, and then put them down

W: Sounds good to me man, thank you so much for your time, we wish you best of luck with everything on your upcoming tour, and with the Album

R: Thank you so much

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