Sound healer Haitch chats to One Space on BBR

Sound healer Haitch chats to One Space on BBR

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Haitch is a South East Queensland musician and composer bringing a fresh twist to the world music, devotional and yoga scenes, his style is expansive and deep. Looking to nature for inspiration and world cultures for instruments, his uniqueness lies in the moving fusion created with both uncommon and classical instruments. Including Native American flutes, Yidaki (didgeridoo), slide Didge, Suling flutes, Mellophone, Trumpet, electric Indian zither, vocals and synthesizers.


He joins Stephanie Cranford on OneSpace on Bondi Beach Radio to chat about his current tour


S: Hi Haitch, welcome, what brings you to Sydney? You’re playing this Thursday?


H: Yeah we’re going to get a bit of community together. Daphne Tse and Bobby Parrs are over and it will be our pleasure to bring community together on Australia Day through a bit of music and celebration that way, so something different come join us in Gosford at the Rhythm Hut, be great to see you there, and following up at your beautiful venue OneSpace HQ on the Friday evening, and then holding some workshops as well on the Sunday. Its going to be a really nice weekend, looking forward to reconnecting with the Sydney tribe, and continuing on down the coast with Daphne and Bobby.


S: This is the end of the tour isn’t it?


H: This is the end of the Daphne, Bobby, Haitch tour yeah


S: And then we’re going on an Haitch tour down to Melbourne


H: Yeah, well you come to Sydney, may as well keep going down to Melbourne … got some really fantastic people in Melbourne so I’m really looking forward to going back there


S: What a great community down there, they’ve gotten right behind … so OneSpace is actually touring Haitch down to Melbourne, and he’s sharing some beautiful Sound Waves which is a sound journey … we did one at HQ last month, a little introduction, and we’ll definitely be doing it again. This beautiful journey …


H: Yeah, I really enjoy sharing it because its what I think is a fairly unique fusion of sacred geometric math meets music and a live didgeridoo experience so I like to create something that connects people to the planet through frequencies derived from nature base math like the Fibonacci spiral, which is where Leonardo Da Vinci got a lot of his inventions from, so really core stuff … so then we extract the frequencies out of that math based, beautiful …  sort of flower of life – I don’t know if you’ve seen that beautiful picture around? It’s a two dimensional form of a three dimensional object – and then from that you can get a whole bunch of frequencies, shapes, everything, its pretty much the building blocks of the universal pattern. So experiencing those frequencies that you don’t normally hear, and then I do a little chanting over the top in between playing didgeridoo over the central channel of audience participants. So that’s just running the didge straight up the middle of your body, you get to feel the vibrations in your abdomen, in your chest, and then a little bit in your head as well. It’s a great aural and kinesthetic experience so everyone in the room gets to hear and feel the same vibes at the same time and people have some really great experiences, and it’s a real fun experience for me as well because I love playing didge for that long period of time. It makes you feel beautiful and when you are playing didge, or when I’m playing didge, my experience is that I vibrate so heavily on the inside, and when I look at the end of my didge, its vibrating so much as well, and the beautiful beings that are under it as well they get to share that experience through the Sound Waves Healing Journey.


S: And as well as the healing journey’s we’ve also got an album launch with some local artists on the Friday night?


H: Yeah, we’ve got Clare Sentience coming along and one of my old friends and fantastic string instrument player Travis Taylor … he’s now playing with Clare so it will be great to see him there … and Christian Dimarco is coming along as well, another sound healing guy, and Peter Bowden is going to come and open it up with all of his wisdom and knowledge. So lots of collaborations, and I think that’s one of the best things about music. Making harmony, making collaborations, and working with other people ..


S: Bringing the community together!


Find out more about Haitch’s Sound Waves Journey, and the magical fusion of Daphne’s soulful voice, Haitch’s entrancing Native American flutes, bamboo Suling, Didgeridoo, trumpet & vocals infused with Bobby’s masterful guitar riffs at OneSpace HQ this Friday

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