Sun & Bass: Sardinia to Sydney

Sun & Bass: Sardinia to Sydney

Thursday, 02 February 2017

Ahead of Saturday’s Sun & Bass tour overlooking Manly Beach, hosted by Breakneck Entertainment, Haunted Science and Just Greg, Andreas Dewald from the amazing team behind the festival spoke to BBR’s bass bwana Hendo about the history, the culture, and what makes Sun & Bass so very special.


To find out more tune in to Breakneck Audio radio on Bondi Beach Radio Friday 4-6pm AEDT – with A Sides, Delicat and MC Fava – hosted by Hendo, Parker and Ncrypt.


So how did Sun & Bass all begin?


It all started in 2003 with two of the promoters working a holiday job in San Teodoro. Back then we got in touch with the small local scene, and we really got hooked with the open and friendly attitude of the people we met, and were part of some smaller beach parties. We really just wanted to bring more people to this magical place and have them experience the same way we did. The first real festival took place in 2004 and it grew every year as people got really excited and told their friends back home how great it was. The original idea was to have representatives from various European D&B scenes plus some bigger names to drive attention. Over the years we moved to label nights, to what we have today which is the curator concept. We really didn’t think back in 2004 that we would have such a success and would achieve such a status in the international scene.


What was the main inspiration behind starting the festival?


Friendly people, amazing beaches, good food, and a small but open minded local music scene. We were into Drum & Bass and electronic music in general already for a while. We organised smaller events and clubs series in the Mannheim (Germany) area, so the inspiration was the love for the music really, and the energy it holds. It was quite an experiment to bring D&B out of the warehouse onto a Sardinian beach. It worked out very well in the end and the location is now one of the unique elements of SUNANDBASS!


How did you find the awesome location?


We have a good network with the local club owners. Every once in a while we come up with new ideas or new locations are added to the local scene, much like Bal Harbour, which didn’t exist in the first few years of SUNANDBASS. Something like a secret location party is something we can add from time to time as well, and it makes the festival really more special if we can bring the music to different spots, with different set ups.


How do the locals respond to the influx of fans?


We have a great relationship with the local government and residents. Wasn’t easy in the beginning of course, but over the years we created a strong tie into the local community. It’s almost a symbiosis now because people trust us and have realised that we do this for the love of the location and the music. We cap the size of attendance, in order to maintain the exclusivity of the event.


What is the local scene like in Sardinia?


On Sardinia there is a D&B scene, but mainly around the capital Cagliari. In San Teodoro itself, it’s pretty diverse. The local clubs mainly host Techno / House events and really promote Drum & Bass during our event.


What can people expect when they visit Sun and Bass?


You won’t find the SUNANDBASS vibe anywhere else. It’s so special, as we build this together with the people who come back every year and bring new friends. The artists always tell us what a special occasion our festival has become and how much the enjoy being part of a movement, really to promote good music, and just get together to have a good time. No VIP attitude – just one big family. People can expect to really be part of something and have a great time on some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. The food is amazing and people are friendly wherever you go.


What would you say to anyone thinking about making the journey?


Come with an open mind, ready to meet new friends and experience something truly special. Sardinia is absolutely worthwhile making the long trip and staying for longer than just the week. The island is big and there are numerous breath-taking spots. Oh yes, and make sure you get full week tickets in time, as we sell out quickly!



You can catch all these artists at Sunkissed Manly right by the beach for a massive 12 hour day in true S&B fashion: Delicat / A Sides / MC Fava / Dauntless / Royalston / Fuj / Mark Bionic & Emily Harkness / Troublesome / Daschwood / Reload / Person3 / Jayem


Tickets available from Bondi Beach Radio via


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