NSW Dancehall Queen and King

NSW Dancehall Queen and King

Wednesday, 06 September 2017
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The team at Caribbean Sydney is very proud to be hosting NSW’s very own ‘Dancehall Queen and King competition’ on 1st October at The Med on Oxford Street Darlinghurst. This is the platform to celebrate Jamaican dance culture.


One night, one stage, judges and audience members will create a blissful expression of the dance style that is ‘dancehall’.


Every major city has a healthy dancehall scene complete with its local celebrities, and Sydney has a vibrant movement as well! Come and experience it first hand; who knows maybe you could become the next NSW titleholder.


Festivals are great way of meeting people and immersing yourself into something new. They are adding to the cultural fabric of Sydney and enriching this wonderful city. Small festivals are popping up all around town to showcase and celebrate a diverse range of cultures, food, music and dance.


Contributing to the festival scene, is Caribbean Sydney. As the name suggests, Caribbean Sydney is a local group actively supporting and showcasing Caribbean culture, and one that is creating a mini ‘Caribbean festival’. A weekend of Caribbean food, music and dance. It begins with a warm up Caribbean dance event, two days of dance workshops with instructors from around Australia teaching dance styles from the Caribbean islands of Jamaica and Trinidad, and culminates with the NSW Dancehall Queen and King competition.


The excitement has started to build as dancers from all walks of life and all levels are preparing for the competition. Dancers are preparing by attending some specialised dancehall dance classes held by local dance instructors and schools. Entry reels are being filmed everywhere, on phones and cameras, from as far afield as Newcastle, Campbelltown, The Shire and more. Caribbean Sydney HQ is collecting and collating the reels and answering the questions of some nervous and excited competitors.


Dancers are rallying their supporters to come out and cheer them on the evening, judges are fine tuning their creative dance eye and sharpening their judging pencils and a number of Sydney finest dancehall DJs are arranging the tunes to heighten the experience for what promises to be a mini Caribbean Festival not to be missed.


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