Local Vocal Lounge at Bondi Pavilion Balcony Bar for Latin American Festival

Local Vocal Lounge at Bondi Pavilion Balcony Bar for Latin American Festival

Sunday, 04 March 2018

Two of the many incredible wins for music and arts that have emerged from the recent successful Save Bondi Pavilion campaign are the preservation of the iconic balcony bar on the first floor of the Pavilion, and the perpetuation of the whole Pavilion internal space for multi arena community music and cultural festivals.


For the first time in almost a decade, local community based radio station Bondi Beach Radio (BBR), in partnership with Waverley Council, have brought these two artistic pillars together by opening up the Bondi Pavilion balcony bar area as a dedicated performance space for talented local Bondi musicians as part of the 39th Latin American Festival.


Featuring Latino influenced Bondi based musicians ANiK, (Spanglish pop covers and originals) Dom Diaz (upbeat Reggae and Latin rhythms), Ari Levy, and Angelo from NativoSoul, these musicians will be showcasing an array of talent against the backdrop of one of the most scenic outlooks of a live music space in Sydney – rolling surf across Bondi beach.


Co-curator of the room Ana Ramos, host of BBR’s World Music Wednesday radio show Spanish Music Lovers / Bondi Unplugged, and one half of the duo ANiK Latin Touch opening the room is excited about the unique opportunity. “There are a number of small venues in Bondi who continue to support the emerging live music scene in the eastside, including Bondi Rumba, Bar 34, Ravesi’s front room, Bondi Gof & Diggers Sunday sessions, and Spring Street Social, and all the artists coming together for this special day at the Latin American Festival have featured often at these venues during the past year. We thank these venues for supporting our Latin influenced sounds, and it is great to be able to open up such an iconic space at the Bondi Pavilion to be able to play at on a Sunday afternoon at one of the best festivals in Sydney, it is sure to be an amazing day!”


Bondi Association of Arts and Music Inc (BAAM) director of community engagement Darren ‘Fud’ Ryan is another hard working local musician extremely pleased to see the Bondi Pavilion balcony bar being activated in support of the local scene. “This is such a special space for local live music. It has unfortunately been neglected a little in recent years, but in the past has hosted some amazing live music events that have formed part of local musical history.  It is great to see the new partnership with Waverley Council come to fruition so soon with the activation of the room in support of local musical talent, introducing a new generation of music loving locals to this space. I have no doubt this event will continue the momentum re-igniting the use of this space for live music and encourage all music fans in the area to come down and check it out on the day.”


For more information of the BBR Local Vocal Lounge, and the broader Latin American Festival program on Sunday 11th March 2018 12pm-8pm, check out the web link

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