Fly Waves on Bondi Beach Radio

Fly Waves on Bondi Beach Radio

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Sydney’s inspirational female artist collective Stay Fly are behind the freshest radio show FLY WAVES on Bondi Beach Radio, Wednesdays 12pm-2pm (AEDT) weekly
We got to chat with hosts Marina and Iresh


What music genres are we to expect from Fly Waves?
A lot of hip hop, soul and neo-soul, trap and rap, dancehall and reggae, funk and Afro-latin inspired stuff! We are so excited to showcase the variety of music we love by curating each show to a vibe, whilst promoting music from underground artists and also grooving to ultimate bangers!


How do you know each other and what triggered the idea of creating a radio show together?
We met through mutual friends at live music events and bonded instantly over hip hop and music. Our complicity and playfulness definitely layered our friendship while hanging out, attending lots of live gigs, and discovering new music.

The idea of having a radio show came from realising that our musical tastes are very compatible, yet at the same time influenced by unique backgrounds which we thought would work great as a whole.


We were also really into the idea of having a proper space to share and talk about the tunes we were vibing on each week.


Now instead of just @-ing each other and posting YouTube links all the time, we’ve got this awesome moment each week to vibe out with everyone!

What is the signature of your radio show?


The signature is definitely the heavy presence of female musicians in the song choices of our slot!


How is Fly Waves linked to the Stayfly Community?


Stayfly Sydney is a female creative collective that Iresh co-founded in 2013 and that evolved to cover a lot of aspects in the music and arts scene.


We thought it would be great to dedicate a space to showcase and share our music choices, which includes musicians from the Stayfly Collective, and to involve the listener in a conversation about the music and the musicians behind it.

What is it that you love about Community Radio?


We love the uncensored presence that community radio stands for. We love being part of a positive movement in the Bondi community which strives to promote the importance and value of music, arts and culture.


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