Wanderlust Travel + Indie Music Show on Bondi Beach Radio Turns Five!

Wanderlust Travel + Indie Music Show on Bondi Beach Radio Turns Five!

Wednesday, 13 June 2018
Fun Facts
Bondi Beach Radio’s original travel show ‘Wanderlust‘, hosted by travel writer and blogger (of www.wildspinoftheworld.com) Katie Mayor, turned five in May, with a celebration show that rocked the airwaves.

Kicking off in May 2013, Wanderlust has continued to bring stories of adventure and soul-searching travel to Bondi and beyond. Over the years Katie has shone a spotlight on a range of guests spanning the intrepid tales of musicians, travel writers, celebrity chefs and anyone who has a damn good travel tale to share. Previous interviewees on the show include the likes of Trainspotting writer Irvine Welsh, adventurer Tim Cope, Icelandic musician Asgier, chef George Colombaris, and more. She’s also spoken with representatives from travel industry disruptors Airbnb, TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet to name a few.


“I surely have the most enjoyable radio show to host of all time,” says host Katie Mayor,  “I talk about the intrepid life with passionate adventurers, make a new extended mixed tape of indie tunes for each show, and have an excuse to geek out on all things travel in-between time on air”.


Wanderlust on Bondi Beach Radio has brought fresh segments to the Sydney radio scene, such as book feature ‘What to read if you’re going to…’, the ‘Three Track Trip’ of songs from or about a destination, travel news and ‘Wild Spin of the Web’ – a spotlight on what’s hot online in the travel scene. The show has also done pop-ups at Bondi institution Noah’s Backpackers and has had recordings made as far and wide as at Roskilde Music Festival in Denmark, Rock en Seine in Paris, the alpine slopes of New Zealand and more.

What has changed in the travel space in five years since you began the show? 
The rise of the locals experience has been a big one, with the share economy giving hotels a run for their money and people using Instagram and blogs as a big source of inspiration when booking a trip. TripAdvisor has kept hoteliers on their toes as well. Also, there are so many photographers and bloggers making a decent living in the travel scene. There are also really looong flights and talk of really short ones via spacecraft – the future of travel looks mad!

Bit of travel news that really stands out? 
There was a story a few years back about a drunk lady on a flight from Gatwick who was frustrated for not being able to get ciggies, so she started swinging her prosthetic leg at cabin crew while swearing like a sailor. Still cracks me up.

Who would you still like to interview and why? 
Probably Michael Palin. I also have a fascination with women adventurers, so would love to go back in time and interview Freya Stark or someone like that who was really pushing boundaries in early travel. Basically anyone who has a good travel yarn.
Favourite destination and why?
For a while there it was Turkey for the bazaars, the stunning ruin-ridden coastline and intoxicating flavours. Or Mexico for the fascinating, bright culture and jungles, but a recent trip into the fjords of Norway and the Stockholm archipelago have helped Scandinavia creep up there. Ask me in a few months and I’ll have a new destination obsession – it shifts.
What are the number one things you love and hate about travel? 


Love – always nature, but these days because I’m getting older I love boutique, design-led hotels like The Slow in Bali and SP34 in Copenhagen. Hate? Wifi on planes. I really loved the excuse to not connect or work and instead binge watch films or read books.

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