About BBR

The spirit of free and independent radio lived on in Sydney’s digital age against a backdrop of sun and surf, with Bondi Beach Radio (BBR)’s unique artist collective run radio platform cultivating and amplifying Sydney’s incredibly resilient music and beach side creative world for 9 years.

Formed by our own radio show hosts from the collapse of a local narrowcast FM station in May 2013 and broadcasting through to May 2022, the unique BBR radio collective successfully supported over 60 weekly shows producing over 130 weekly hours of eclectic diverse music and beach side cultural content

Pre internet, pirate radio in London at its peak in the 80’s and 90’s was the hub of culture marketing. The level of new and original music being generated was as prolific as it is today in the digital age, and between raves and pirate radio, the underground audience was huge. Music brought together people from a range of different backgrounds and circumstances in a unique way, and socially, creatively, and culturally was the basis for inspiration for many in a golden age of food, art, fashion, design

Contemporary Sydney has some parallels and we draw inspiration from this pirate radio history and our current like minded global peers. Against a backdrop of Government enforced venue lockouts in Sydney and a global viral pandemic, our fiercely independent BBR artist collective broadcasting from a beach side studio in Bondi became a conduit for resilience, collaboration, and the expression of new and reformed boundaries in music. The formulaic blandness of global computer algorithm based streaming platforms and the shock jock crassness of local commercial FM stations was naturally shunned by our local and global listener community who aligned strongly to our raw and authentic live show grid and real human selectors

We were shut down in May 2022 by local council who favoured a new entrant into the local community radio sphere. Our spirit lives on