BBR shuts its studio doors – the end of an era

After 9 years as proud custodian of community radio in the area, Bondi Beach Radio (BBR) are closing our studio doors in North Bondi

We would like to give a massive shout out to all our BAAM / BBR members past and present who have made the time to head up the stairs to that incredible little space, and whose commitment of time and passion to their respective sounds, scenes and shows has been genuinely inspirational 💙🎙🎶

Waverley Council voted in May to support Eastside Radio move from their current Paddington Town Hall studio into a newly constructed radio studio in the Bondi Pavilion and take over the responsibility for community radio in the area. As a result our fiercely independent artist collective Bondi Association of Arts and Music Inc (BAAM) will close the BBR studio and wind up. We wish the incoming Eastside Radio hosts all the best with their own new chapter in community radio in the heart of Bondi

On our BBR journey we’ve been honoured to host over 100 radio shows through over 500 members, some who were with us for short periods measured in months, and others for over 400 radio shows across almost a decade. We thank every one of you for walking up those stairs and into that little studio to work your magic and be part of something special. A lot of great memories have been created, music and stories shared, lifetime friendships formed, and creative collaborations realised. It certainly has not been easy for most, but it absolutely has been worth it for many! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💙💙💙🎙🎙🎙🎶🎶🎶

At BBR’s core has been our unwavering dedication to 3 principles: delivering authentic radio content relevant to the local scene and our listener community; fight hard to provide opportunities for music and the arts at the grass roots; and support the broader community wherever able. We are especially proud to have been part of an evolving culture going above and beyond to find or create opportunities for artists in some very trying times during lockout laws and pandemic shutdowns, responding to unending requests for charitable support MCing and DJing, and providing constant support for any number of artists, new events, festivals, and music venues 👊🏽

Thanks especially to all our supporters and stakeholders over the years, too many to call out individually, but it has been a lot of fun doing what we do best, to help you do what you do best 🙏🏽

Thanks also to Radio Skid Row, 2SER, Koori Radio, Orbital Radio, Eastside and the other like minded community radio collectives looking at providing a new home for some of our radio show hosts and membersBAAM / BBR signing out