Beach Vibes in a Global 24 Hour City

We naturally love our beaches in Australia, and with over 25,000km of coastline we have a lot of very special ones! Our own awesome beach radio station studio is next to one of the more iconic stretches of sand and surf in Australia at Bondi, and as far as Australia’s city beaches go, we admit it’s a pretty good one.

So how much of a unique advantage do our beaches really give us in the context of a true global 24 hour city? There is plenty of evidence that the world’s  great 24 hour cities are hubs of innovation, attracting the best and brightest people who are attracted to the best places to live, work, and play, especially the crucial and mobile millennial demographic.

Pre the latest viral pandemic not only are the likes of New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Barcelona, Tokyo, Paris, London and Hong Kong, topping lifestyle desirability indexes, they also have statistically superior economic returns for the city as a direct result.

And an awesome beach vibe has to add to that desirability right? As well as the free independent traveler tourism that comes with this

So lets work through a few that come immediately to mind, and there are plenty of others:

South Beach, Miami, USA – fashion industry professionals, art deco design, hip clubs, and wild nightlife

Venice Beach, California, USA – eclectic bohemian city beach capital of the world, effortlessly transitioning its part carnival, part festival sidewalk scene from a perfect beach day to a memorable party night

Copacabana and Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – non-stop party atmosphere day and night, with scenesters, beach sports, relaxing, eating, drinking, and cross the Avenida to upscale shops, awesome eateries, and nightspots

Barceloneta, Barcelona, Spain – a scenic city beach destination blending the unique Spanish beach culture and nightlife, sightseeing, tapas bar hopping, and generating great vibes around the clock

Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia – it’s our home, so we can see the faults as well as appreciate its beauty, and we want it to be at its best – the day times on the sand and esplanade have many special moments, the ocean swell can have an angle that lets it work for surfers when many others don’t, the skate bowl has captured more than its fair share of epic moments over the years, and the sea wall art work which refreshes almost at the pace of the king tides is nothing short of inspirational. However with regards to socialising, in particular the 10 hours from 10pm in the 24 hour city cycle, certainly don’t bring a crowd of more than 20 to a grassy patch without a council permit, and the authorities would like you to take any partying in the evening away from the beach front to Bondi Junction. There are even elements that would have you believe the conversion of the iconic Bondi Pavilion community cultural centre into a retail shopping precinct would be a progressive move. This is the first thing we think of when we step up to a voting ballot, or represent our culture in various forums, think tanks, steering groups, and other mechanisms of the democratic machine.

Yes, as an artist collective run radio station, we stand proudly and confidently in the 24 hour city camp, and recognize the multitude of benefits this brings to a creative and progressive city, and yes we also understand that some people may not be on the same page, but to these people we ask – with 25,000km of coastline, perhaps the 1 km at Bondi is not the best for you?

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