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Host at Comfort Club

Host at Comfort Club

A true groove rider who thrives on moving a dancefloor with some warm basslines.

Dimitri Polydorou
Host at Sunday Sundown Sessions

Host of Sunday Sundown Sessions on Bondi Beach Radio

DJ Burn Hard
Host at Soulqualia
Paul Freeman
Host at Soulqualia

Host at Soulqualia on Bondi Beach Radio

Rob Goodburn
Host at Soulqualia

Host of Soulqualia on Bondi Beach Radio

Sammy Rave
Host at One Life Unlimited
DJ Cadence
Host at One Life Unlimited

Cadence has a passion for music; it being a central theme of his life and profession for 20 years. His career started playing Oxford St in the club explosion of the early 90’s and has included residencies in a collection of Sydney’s hottest venues with the likes of Q Bar, DCM, NV, the Peppermint Lounge and Kings X Hotel to list a few. Over the years DJing has taken him around the world playing venues in New Zealand, London, Ibiza and the US with each country only exposing him to more music and adding to his broad experience.

As a compliment to his DJ career, his resume also includes years of Audio Visual production and venue management which has given him an even greater understanding of what makes a crowd tick. He has put this skill to use playing support to some of the best international DJs that have toured Australia this year. Nowadays he splits his time between AV productions and installations and his close interaction with Bondi Beach Radio, the station on which he has a show. After all this time music has only become even more of a passion, one he is lucky enough to work with every day.

Host of Flat Earth

Host of Flat Earth radio show on Bondi Beach Radio. Believes NASA faked the moon landings, the Illuminati and the Bilderberg are close to establishing the New World Order, Elvis faked his own death, black helicopters and chem trails are choking up the skies, the Protocols of the Elders of Zion have been written into the BBR studio guide, and that global warming is a hoax. Tune in. Be enlightened.

Rik Sonic
Host at Dubbers Rock (Inner West Reggae Disco Machine)
Stevie Dub
Host at Dubbers Rock (Inner West Reggae Disco Machine)
The Record Store
Sponsor at Bondi Beach Radio

The Record Store in Darlinghurst stocks over 3000 new release & pre-loved records, and carry a neatly curated range of turntables, headphones, needles and advice. Get your ass out the door, go have a dig and discover something new.

Mark Gilmour
Host at T1000 Radio
Host at Double Up
8 Diagram
Host at Double Up
Host at Suburban Oasis

2/5 of Sydney Pony Club

Host at Comfort Club

Host at Comfort Club

The mythical enigma with an ethereal touch that serenades the crowd gently into a state of undeniable euphoric bliss.

Host at Comfort Club
Scott Lamont
Host at The Weekend Lands (Summit DJs)

Sydney based Tech House & Techno Dj//Promoter/Producer, co founder of Summit DJ’s, and host of the Weekend Lands on Bondi Beach Radio

Emmet Greene
Host at The Weekend Lands (Summit DJs)

Sydney based Tech House & Techno Dj//Promoter/Producer, co founder of Summit DJ’s, and host of the Weekend Lands on Bondi Beach Radio

George Kristopher
Host at House Your Soul

George Kristopher is Sydney local who has been spinning records since the age of 14.

14 years on, and a record collection that is still growing, has seen George play at many of Australia’s deep and soulful nights, as well as being fortunate enough to play all over the globe and support house music legends such as Karizma, DJ Gregory, Marshall Jefferson & vocalist Julie McKnight to name a few.

Back in 2006, George co-founded House Your Soul. A group responsible for holding the infamous (and secret) loft parties named ‘Respect’. Evoking the spirit of the old school loft party, House Your Soul hosted a series of nights in Sydney’s inner city for all underground music lovers, open-minded folks and dancers.

George’s sets are a melting pot of house, soul and disco. A self confessed perfectionist, he always finds the right songs to set the mood of any party and entertain any dance floor, and now he brings that energy to the airwaves on Thursday night on Bondi Beach Radio. George’s passion for the underground sound has only increased over the years, and through this energy, he plans to build on the solid foundation that the House Your Soul brand has revived back into Australia.

B Livvin
Host at House Your Soul

B Livvin is co founder of House Your Soul, a collaborative of four Sydney DJ’s dedicated to spreading the word about Deep and Soulful House Music in Sydney. It can be Vocal, Neo-Soul, Afro-Beat, Disco or any other flavour you like. But most importantly, its essence has depth and soul.

Mr X
Host at House Your Soul

Mr. X is an underground dance ‘purist’. But don’t let this fool you. His passion for the pure is for the raw and emotional sounds that give underground dance music its soulful edge – gospel voices, intoxicating hooks and banging basslines, and his reverence of the genre’s history and its founders. However, his perpetual hunger to dig deep into the sound ensures that his mixes are a Party Mix lolly bag of disco, funk, gospel, afro-beats and Latin classics, and he is always guaranteed to drop an obscure vinyl surprise. He strives to uncover hidden gems for the crowd and reveal the eclectic nature of the sound, and as untamed as his choices are, he keeps them tight with seamless mixing.

In keeping with his chosen duty to uphold the legacy of the sound, he aims to translate the values of the music onto the dancefloor – love, joy and equality. He has been pushing and playing genres of an underground soulful bent around Sydney since 1999.

Host at Late Nite Shopping

From New Zealand but soaking up the shores of Australia’s classy party capital Sydney, the career of DJ Cadell unites a phenomenal magic between the music and the drive for a good tune.

Thriving on a desire to share nu-disco to the house heroes, progressive to tech, he brings a buzz unique to every set delivered across Australia, Asia Miami, Mykonos and Balearic haven Ibiza.

Well respected across the Australian electronic map, he has held the key to shows across the town supporting Armin Van Burren, Snoop Dogg, Laidback Luke, Calvin Harris, Thomas Gold, Roger Sanchez and Erick Morillo himself. From Marquee to The Argyle, Greenwood and Trademark, its no wonder Sydney music enthusiasts don’t resist a play on the dance floor with Cadell in charge. Yet with a music gold mine up his sleeve, Not only have Hed Kandi Australia secured his talents but Good Vibrations, Big Day Out and Pacha have too been struck giving this sure fire DJ a deserved welcome.

Industry professionals enjoy picking at his knowledge embracing him as a leader in itself. From DJ instructor at DMC DJ School to show host of Bondi Beach Radio’s Late Nite Shopping, he has his stamp of approval in concrete. Outside of the booth Cadell is the Director of a digital music promotions service Musik Lounge where his collaborative record, label and marketing knowledge span far and wide.

Delivering a perfect blend of soul stirring house and disco, tune in and be enthralled while Cadell brings the music and brings it well.

Aaron Smith
Host at Late Nite Shopping
Paij and Tanya
Hosts at The Scope

BBR mobile journalists Paij and Tanya tackle a broad SCOPE of topics, from arts, culture and politics, to beauty, science and technology.

Dave Goode
Host at Problem People

Dublin born Sydney east side based dj/producer Dave Goode (The Potbelleez) Hosts Problem People radio show, Upfront house, Tech house Deep house and techno, featuring the biggest names in the business for live guest mixup in each installment

Katie Mayor
Host at Wanderlust

Katie Mayor is a writer, ex-book publicist and radio host on Bondi Beach Radio’s ‘Wanderlust’travel and indie music show. She writes about music for award-winning blog Repeat Button, is an emerging travel journalist for publications including AWOL and BBM Magazine, maintains her own inspirational travel blog Wild Spin Of The World and has also been published in Cuttings journal. She has interviewed many travellers on her radio show, including Brendan Shanahan, Irvine Welsh, Chris Burkard, Tim Cope and Ben Groundwater.

She’s also spoken with indie musicians Ásgeir, Broods, Highasakite, Slow Club, Art of Sleeping, Holy Holy and loads more. The show gives her a verifiable outlet for her mixed tape obsession as well.

Host at Breakneck Audio

Head honcho at Breakneck Entertainment, Hendo spent his formative years on the west coast, being raised by household names in the powerful Perth dnb scene. He began unofficially promoting his mate’s gigs simply for the love of the music. Moving to the big smoke of the East Coast in 2011 and finding a new home in Sydney was an easy transition, making himself known to regular ravers and crew in the Sydney DNB scene almost immediately.


In late 2014, Breakneck became his avenue for pushing the envelope and delivering some of the biggest names in dnb to hit Australian shores.


With Ncrypt coming to the end of his previous show Bass Mountains Podcast, and wanting to continue with Bondi Beach Radio, Breakneck Audio was born. Radio presenting was always an avid interest and the show has given the team an opportunity to deliver the diverse range of sounds across the many genres of dnb.

Nick Parker
Host at Breakneck Audio

Starting off at a young age in the clubbing and rave scene playing drum and bass, happy hardcore, gabber, techno, dubstep, drumstep, psytrance and anything under the sun, MR.NP has been out and about running a muck for many years with such crews as: Lighter Massive, CDC, Subsquad, Clubhouse, True Jungle Souljahs and most recently Breakneck Entertainment behind the scenes and behind the decks of multiple parties in the Canberra and Sydney regions, playing big gigs such as Defqon 1 in 2012 and as small parties as some mates backyard on a 4 day fist pumping extravaganza. Now a host on the Breakneck Audio Show from 4 til 6 every friday on bondi beach radio

DJ Fud
Host at Spins & Needles

Darren ‘Fud’ Ryan is an industry drumming veteran, including periods with bands The Church, The Crystal Set, and local Bondi legends Stonecutter and The Chosen Ones. Fuddy is also the popular host of BBR’s iconic Spins and Needles all vinyl show, regularly DJ’ing around Sydney’s eastside with a mix of classic and indie rock gems, complemented by house, soul, funk, disco, and other vibe rhythms, a regular selector for Bondi Boardriders competition days, a founding member of Bondi Association of Arts and Music Inc (BAAM), volunteering numerous DJ hours annually to many charitable causes.

Nina Veronica
Host at The Real Thang

A media talent that calls Sydney home but whom wears a rich interwoven heritage melding Finnish Euro chic with a striking Lebanese gaze. Her international look cultural awareness has created a unique connection with people around the world.

As a performing artist, coupled with modeling, co-hosting TV, and presenting, Nina inspires, entertains & uplifts listeners.

In the words of Nina Veronica- “ Love what you do, be passionate, be you”

Tamara Melero
Host of La Escuela

Show host of Bondi Beach Radio’s La Escuela, Tamara holds a Masters degree in Communications, PR, Protocol, and Events from Madrid and has worked as a reporter on local Spanish TV in Madrid. Tamara now resides in Bondi and has created her magazine style Spanish speaking Wednesday morning radio show to showcase Spanish speaking nations language, values, and cultural wealth.

Host at Daz Right

Born in Italy Iresh was exposed to Hip Hop music throughout the underground local rap comps that were happening in Milan.

Moving to Sydney opened up many opportunities to perform with raps, joining cyphers and to attend numerous Hip Hop concerts.

Iresh founded the Stayfly Sydney collective, which reflects a vision of female artists empowering each other and performing together.

Iresh was introduced to Bondi Beach Radio by fellow Stayfly Sydney’s own Verity Cox who had a show called Local Motion, which reborn as Daz Right when she moved overseas and left the Radio show in the hands of Iresh and Ari Singer.

Benny Chiefs
Host at Daz Right

Benny Bel-Bachir was born into a very musical family and grew up all his life around live music and gigs. He has a love and knowledge for a wide range of music but fell in love with hip-hop and it’s culture, with its surrounding influences.

Ben has always been fascinated with discovering and practicing all Hip Hop elements, especially dancing and Djing, and got involved with Bondi Beach Radio joining the Daz Right Radio show on Tuesday nights that became a platform to mix all the music that he has a true passion for.

Ari Singer
Host at Daz Right

Born out of the same musical influences that Hip Hip was born from, Ari has been passionate about music since a young age, never letting any groove worth listening to out of his sight, his collection has grown into a archive of cool classics and forgotten gems that he digs right into when mixing.