Our People

DJ Caraz
Host at Super Venus

We all know about the euphoria which trance and house music brings us, and we also know there is magic in the hands that plays and picks the songs that make us feel this way. The DJ is the one whose hands of gold and musical talent are responsible for the escalation of our euphoria. Blessed with the artistry of these hands is DJ Caraz / Michael Christopher. He is a master mind of music and a God when he throws down vinyl. He is truly a master at his game. With one song after another, he rushes in with music that fills your brain and excites you to no limit. As he plays in his unique and captivating way, he translates his sound and energy by mixing wave after wave of highs and lows and peaks of epic vibrations with angelic tones that burn holes of pleasure into your ears. He is a god of Epic and he plays like a god. His followers will tell you so. They will also tell you he plays for them. His style of music is what they want to hear and what he loves to play. The connection is Between the DJ and his people. That’s right, his people, because once they have heard him they do not forget him. DJ Michael Christopher has a history with his fans. Anywhere he has played, his music, his face, and his magic is recognized by his followers, and these followers are worldwide.

DJ Michael Christopher, god of Epic, House, and Trance is right up there with the rest of the best dj’s that are out today. He has performed with the best and biggest dj names in the world. To name some of them are: Paul Oakenfold, dj Tiesto, Ray Keith, Judge Jules, Carl Cox, Rabbit in the Moon, Bad Company, DJ Craze, Roni Size, George Acosta, David Padilla, DJ Icy, Punisher, and African Bambada. This is only the beginning. The list of names goes on and on.

The name Michael Christopher has appeared worldwide and his reputation as an excellent DJ is consistent in a number of places. Besides having played at over 150 raves in the circuit, he has also appeared in clubs all over the country and Spain , for the last 23 years. South Beach heard him rock the house at Ultra, The Zen Festival, The Mix After Hours, Festival, Salvation, and club Fuel where he resided as a resident DJ at all three places. Shadow Lounge and club Space, two of South Beaches hottest and largest Trance clubs, were captivated by his magic touch of music. New York City saw him perform his best at Webster Hall, club Roxy, the concrete Jungle and others. Puerto Rico loved him at The Zen Festival water park, Asylum, Arturo, Crash, Gallery, and club Egypt and many more underground Festivals with Las Angeles Break beat association L.A.B.A . Philadelphia was captivated with him at such places like club Maui , the 8th Floor, and Push. Spain was his greatest venture where he funked them out at club Pasha Dj Awards.

The rave scene created him into a break beat king and over the years he re-created himself into trance/house leader of his time. Now he comes out of left field at anytime, surprises you, than leaves you in awe of his talent. You will wonder what just spanked you on your A_ _ and made you feel so intense.

DJ Michael Christopher’s enthusiasm and love for music has painted a portrait of a total musical genius. His new CD “One More Time”, expresses his unlimited amount of imagination and effort put into the creation of his music. The CD is a compilation of music heard by no one else but him, until now.

But this is not the end, for the magician of music is not finished elevating our expectations of what trance and house is and what it will become. DJ Micheal Christopher will use his hands of gold, do some vinyl magic, and he will take us to another level. Just wait and see.

Dan Macarena
Host at The Swirly Train

Dan Mac (Art vs Science, Rubisco) loves to party. But he doesn’t just like any party. He likes a SWIRLY party. It’s gotta be attractive, yet slightly creepy, mystical, yet a bit scary. Blissful, pensive, and euphoric, with climaxes which have been described by one living room reveller as simply “NAUGHTY. Putting the “no” (you didn’t!) in techno.

Gerry North
Host at StreetArts

Former ABC radio announcer Gerry North, who is no music guru, takes 4 interns hostage to rove around Sydney’s eastside streets during the day and night to collect art and culture stuff for the radio, with lots of music and fun. He loves the sound of his own voice on the radio.

DJ Nait Sands
Host at Swerve

Nait Sands was raised in rural Victoria and cut his teeth clubbing in the fertile nightlife of Melbourne. Since moving to Sydney he has been doing his bit to push dance music culture forward at shows and every week on Bondi beach radio.

Phat Matt
Host at Sensible Dancehall

Phat Matt hosts Sensible Dancehall where he throws down global bass, jungle, Balkan music, and of course the latest up to the time Dancehall and Caribbean music.

DJ Fasmwa
Host at Prescription Radio

In 2005, DJ Fasmwa joined SPIN D MUSIC, Australia’s pioneering Caribbean event company, bringing Caribbean Carnival style events to Australia. He has since branched out on his own, with a signature monthly club event called Prescription, and corresponding fortnightly radio show on Bondi Beach Radio. DJ Fasmwa is known as one of Australia’s leading Caribbean DJs , whose passion, talent and exceptional skills have seen him chosen to play along side Jamaican Artists such as Lukie D, Elephant Man, Brick N Lace & Demarco in their Australian shows and has also been hired to play in The Netherlands, Jamaica, Trinidad, Costa Rica & Suriname! For the past two years DJ Fasmwa has organised numerous Caribbean events, including the successful monthly club events ‘Prescription’ in Sydney, and has also now branched into successful events in Melbourne and Canberra under the banner of ‘Caribbean Paradise’. In addition DJ Fasmwa has a weekly residency at Jamaican Restaurant, where he hosts two Nights of Caribbean Entertainment. I Love Jerk Wednesdays & Limbo Fever Thursdays! He also is a prime DJ for the successful Reggae Mondays in CIVIC Hotel Sydney all and all He has been a proud ambassador of Caribbean Music and Culture in Sydney.

Dante Rivera
Host at Tribalismo Radio

World known Dante Rivera has been one of Australias most long standing Djs. Currently working with The House of Sol Project, La Fiesta Sound System and Tribalismo.

With his sexy Latin House flavor played at: Bondiesta (Bondi Latin American Festival 2012) with Tribalismo to a crowd of 6000 people, Ivy for the annual Brazilian Festival 2013, Marquee, The Argyle, Opera Bar, Allumbra (Melbourne) ,Cloudland(Brisbane)and Hugos lounge and recently Played At Fiesta Festival 2015 (Darling Harbour) Latin American Festival 2016 (Bondi Pavillion) and the Spectrum Festival 2016 (the Domain)just to name a few.

His sound is a fusion of live elements with live percussion, sax, trumpet and killer vocals and his Sexy-Deep-Funky-Tribal-Jacking Latin house music. Dante has consistently been a versatile, passionate and energetic Dj.

Also working with the Elite musicians like Vincent Sebastian,Giorgio Rojas,Ayko,Steve Marin,Cameron Douglas,Ross Midelton,Mark Mathews,Jhonny G and Singers like Fantine,Michelle Martinez,Muma Megs,Chloe West,Reigan,Chris Lurder,Roxane Lebrasse ,Carlos C major just to namea a few.

DJing around Australia, New Zealand and South America, Dante describes his encounters with his public as his opportunity to inject his “drug”(his mixes). People ask him, why dj? He simply replies,”The energy and the vibe that the crowd produces right at the peak of the night”.

Andrew Wowk
Host at Time To Track

Andrew’s introduction to DJing came at the age of 16 through work experience at the old community radio station, “Rhythm FM” where he watched DJs such as Mark Dynamix, Leah, Damian Goundrie and Jack McCord mix on air and became intrigued by the concept of constructing a DJ set. Since then, Andrew has gone on to achieve highly as a DJ, garnering a reputation for being technically skilled across multiple genres of music and for thoughtful, clever programming.

A lover of a wide range of music, Andrew plays a variety of sounds from across the spectrum of house and techno, drum & bass (and other 160/170bpm sounds such as footwork/jungle/juke), dubstep, garage, real electro, UK bass, and experimental/electronica.

Andrew’s refined technical skills and eclectic taste have led to him playing at some of Sydney and Australia’s most well-respected clubs/events such as Chinese Laundry, Subsonic Festival, Psyfari, Afterlife Drum & Bass, Trench, The Civic Underground, Darkbeat, and Space New Year’s Day Festival. He’s also been called on to support countless touring internationals from a wide range of genres. Multi-genre pioneers like James Zabiela, Hybrid, Jon Convex, Meat Katie and Lee Coombs. Techno legends such as Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke, Ben Sims, Robert Hood, Ben Klock, and Vince Watson. House heroes Anthony Pappa, George Fitzgerald, Funk D’Void, Steve Lawler, Guy J, and Derrick Carter. Drum & bass and dubstep dons Andy C, Photek, Dub Phizix, LTJ Bukem, Kryptic Minds, dBridge, Octane & DLR, Klute and Ulterior Motive. These are just some of the artists Andrew has supported over the years, demonstrating his ability to adapt to any environment.

When he’s not DJing in clubs, Andrew hosts “Time To Track” on Bondi Beach Radio, where he plays new music from across the spectrum of electronic music and regularly features guest performances from talented underground DJs and live acts from his hometown of Sydney, as well as the rest of the world.

Andrew has also dipped his toe into production. His first track “Never Satisfied” (co-produced with Mortlock) was signed to Baroque Recordings, included on the “Exploring Australia” compilation, and received a remix by Matt Rowan. Since then, he has also had a track featured on local Sydney label Communication Records run by Nick Forrest.

Meera Allen
Host at Manifesting Destiny

Meera Allen is a singer songwriter, dancer, yogini and artist. A lifelong vegetarian committed to daily meditation practice, Meera is passionate about music, yoga and inner harmony. She loves sharing her peaceful, energetic presence and the stories of her fascinating guests, in the process empowering her audience to create a more holistic life and discover new music.

Meera interviews a range of guests; from musicians to physicists, nutritionists, healers, yoga experts, spiritual gurus – any truth seeker looking to elevate humanity and inspire wellbeing in others. She not only shares their stories, each guest chooses eight songs -making Meera’s show a joyful exploration of musical worlds and new schools of thought.

Over the last decade Meera created her business Manifesting Destiny and has travelled extensively. A trip to an ashram in India enriched her yoga practice. Starting a Brazilian capoeira academy in Sydney deepened her connection to the physical body and the power of music and dance.

Beyond her health and well-being show on Bondi Beach Radio, She sings, performs and writes music. She also teaches private clients yoga, healing and astrology and hosts a YouTube channel teaching her viewers about the movements of the Moon.

Cosmo Jones
Host at Late Nights With Cosmo Jones

Been djing for about 10 years now, All kinda stuff, In Sydney and abroad. Really dig anything that’ll get you moving, toe tapping and bee bopping’ is the name of the game and music is my game. Other games i like are GTA V and Star Wars Battle Front, did you like episode VII? God, these things get off topic quick…

Tristan Case
Host at The Tristan Case Show

Tristan Case is a London-born, Sydney-based DJ and producer, whose career spans more than a decade. Bringing his unique style of deep, bassy house to the European and Australian club scenes, energetically-fuelled performances.

Working with Australia´s major underground music brands T1000 and Finely Tuned, Tristan had performed at events such as Circoloco, Space, Sankeys and Agwa, as well as the icons Sash And Spice. With appearances at festival-circuit favourites Lost Paradise, Subsonic and Return To Rio, he has advanced his unique sound.

An established figure in Australia, Tristan has played alongside some of the worlds finest DJ´s including Carl Cox, Dixon, Seth Troxler, AME, The Martinez Brothers, M.A.N.D.Y, Matthias Tanzmann, Francesca Lombardo, Fur Coat, Jon Hopkins, Matthew Dear, Guy J, Henry Saiz, Yousef, DJ T, Guti, DJ Tennis, Pachanga Boys, Julio Digweed and Dubfire.

2016 has already started big and bold for Tristan, opening the main stage for the Electric Garden Festival in Sydney, where the line-up included legends such as Erick Morillo, Fat Boy Slim, James Zabiela, Norman Jay, John Digweed and Dubfire.

Now with two of his own remixes out on release on Ibiza Label Chronovision, the man behind the aptly named Tristan Case Show on Bondi Beach Radio, is also garnering some serious attention from Global Record Labels for his original compositions, not only proving his producing and DJ credentials but also as one to closely watch.

Ed Wells
Host at Editions

House music is the basis that inspires and drives Ed. From deep and jazzy to progressive to jackin to tech, that house 4 on 4 groove provides the bedrock to his sound. With strong European and UK influenc­es from his travels there, Ed transfers the emotion of and power he felt from these experiences into his DJ sets. While venturing overseas Ed was also given the opportunity to play clubs such as Instant in Bu­dapest and Belushi’s in Paris.

Always passionate about gaining insight into how to better connect with an audience Ed draws on inter­national and local DJs to broaden his experience and his skill set. Blending together styles and sounds from artists such as Adam Beyer, Dixon and John Digweed allows Ed to create a new perspective of the music and take listeners on a musical journey.

An Underground immigrant Ed has had a short but intense relationship with house and techno thus far.

Passionate about this new found love, Ed has thrown himself into not only finding the latest artists and tracks for his sets but also building a solid foundation and flair through delving into the past and uncover­ing forgotten gems. This approach gives the music a new life in the mix by creating an untainted blend.

Having supported international artists such as:

Carl Cox



John Digweed

Darius Syrossian

Edu Imbernon & Oscar L,

Ed is no stranger to manipulating his style to suit the vibe.

Ed has played some of the most converted stages in Sydney including:

Blueprint Events


Chinese Laundry

T1000 Events & Greenwood Hotel

Ed is a strong support to the local Sydney music scene hosting a weekly show on Bondi Beach Radio showcasing the best local talent in the biz and in 2016 has created a further contribution to the Sydney scene by presenting a monthly party: Jigsaw

Host at Digitize

A business graduate from the University of Tasmania, a diploma in electronic music production. This Indian is spicing up dance floors across Sydney with his warm, intriguing flavours of dance music. Zankee also hosts a monthly podcast “Deep Down Progressive Sounds” with  latest upcoming deep and progressive house releases. The launch of his new event “Bootz ’N’ Catz” was held couple of weeks ago wth a mammoth 5 hr set from Max graham and it was a major success with over 400 people stomping to nothing much brilliant music.

Genre: Deep, Tech & Progressive House

DJing since : 2011.

Artists supported : Guy J , Lancelot, Robosonic, Miguel Bastida, Signum and Max Graham

My sound is similar : Guy J, Khen, Cid Inc and Gai Barone

Warm Up or Closing set? Closing for a progressive or Techno Gig.

Club or festival sets? Clubs

“Every set I play would be different. The majority of tracks in my sets feature unknown artists who I find underrated and unique. I attempt to create a journey through my music even if it’s only a one hour set. The sound I play is not that big in Sydney right now because people have yet to discover how beautiful this music is”

JP Ducharne
Host at The Mancusian Circus

French-born and bred, Sydney-based DJ and radio host JP Ducharne has been running the Mancusian Circus Show on Bondi Beach Radio for three years, and has put on a series of corresponding parties along with DHA resident Jim Poe. Following the spirit of David Mancuso’s Loft, the musical selection is eclectic, positive and epic.

Big J
Host at Digitize

Wherever Big J performs he re-educates clubbers and destroys dance floors. With a complete spectrum of fused genres he builds an unforgettable journey of emotion and sound. Big J’s reputation has given him success both on the locally and international stage as a DJ. His distinctive sound has evolved over the years through keeping his ears to the ground of the worldwide trance community

Over the years, he has played to crowds worldwide from the UK, Australia and Ibiza including the infamous ‘Gallery nights’ at both Turnills and Ministry of Sound in London. Warmin up and taking over from the likes of Orkidea, Lange, Roger Shah, Ronski Speek, Ferry Corsten, Thomas Datt, Liam Wilson, Photographer, 4 Strings, Richard Durand, Aaron Camz, Matt Bowdidge, Binary Finary, Mark Leanings , Factor B and many more.

Big J’s love in dance music started in his early teens. Previously immersed in more alternative sounds of Guns’N’Roses and Metalica, a friend introduced him to the now world famous Gatecrasher and Trance Nation compilations. The turning point System F – Out of the Blue, Armin – Communication and Blank & Jones -Cream. He was hooked.

Big J’s preferred genre of choice was of course Trance. However, he wanted to develop and mature his tastes to avoid becoming a one trick pony and explored the world of House music. Concentrating on Deep and Soulful House. This of course helped develop his sets and cater to a very different crowd. This is why he loves to take the crowd on an emotional journey by building up his sets, taking them right to the edge.

Moving back to his main love (Trance) in the highly competitive arena, Big J creates seamless sets to educate and entertain the dance floor fusing together the melodic harmony, and techy side of Trance, with a touch of progressive to set the scene and of course “Big J’s blast from the past” tune.
Catch Big J in the mix in Sydney at Digital Therapy, Voodoo and streaming live on Bondi Beach Radio .

Host at Digitize

For a close to 20 years Jeremy has had a very keen ear for the electronic music genre. The early days included Indie rock flowing to Hip Hop in his teens. This meant that with the varied array of genres and influences, Jeremy accepted the art of music in all its styles. Later on, regular ‘clubbing’  throughout Sydney and building an impressive library of electronic music, matured Jeremy to find a base within his style of DJing. Admiring what is a hit and miss within the ‘clubbing’ environment progressed his ears to energetic, emotive music. A sense of self-expression via melodies and beats.

Later, Jezza soon discovered Digital Therapy around 2011 via a tip by a mate to check it out at Home Nightclub.  These were very early days for the promoter group, but Jeremy fell in love with the ethos of small, intimate and music quality that Digital Therapy was renowned for. With his continued growth and passion in Deep/Progressive Trance and House, he knew that there was a ‘fit’ with his style of music and within Digital Therapy. He played his first House & Progressive set with Digital Therapy towards the end of 2011, whereby him and his partner became involved with the promoter group.

As time progressed, Jezza realised that he and fellow DT promoter Adam Byrne had complementing musical qualities with suited energies. Choosing to play regular back-to-back sets at Home Nightclub, they constantly test each other to bring a mixture of new and classic tunes to the dance floor. The initial feedback they received was extremely positive paving the way for many more back-to- back sets in future. Most recently supporting Dave Seaman in a rare Australian tour.

Jeremy’s role within the team is not only playing his signature House & Progressive style, but also in operations. Jeremy works closely with the team pushing the Digital Therapy brand and market positioning. Pushing Digital Therapy to the point where the offer of joining the T1000 group, hosting a stage at their maiden festival, Electric Gardens. As proud as any promoter could be, names like Hernan Cattaneo, Nick Warren and Henry Saiz graced the stage and push the DT sound to its limits. A truly amazing experience to be a part of, not only for him, but the entire team. Jeremy assures us there is lots more to come……..

Steve Marx
Host at Digitize

Sydney’s Steve Marx has been a regular fixture on the London club scene for over a decade now after making the move from his hometown in 1996. A regular on the Sydney scene, Steve could be found at the infamous Hordern Pavillion parties in the late eighties and early nineties where he developed his interest and passion for electronic music by leading the charge at clubs such as Base and The Front. Having made the move to London, he quickly discovered a taste for nights like Malibu Stacy, Tyrant & Renaissance and soon got himself in amongst the smaller nights where an exciting underground scene was developing alongside the rise of the superclub.

In 1999 he met Ben Clarke and Francis Mallinson and the Synchronize parties were born. I first met him in 2002, where he could be often be found in Plastic Fantastic Records or at Digression in Soho, where up and coming DJs mixed with other arty types sharing a beer and common musical ideas.

Maybe it was that year that made the man and alongside Nick Dawes, he co-organised the Shadow 001 event at the Fortress Studios for World DJ day, playing alongside Rowan Blades, Paolo Mojo and Jonathan Lisle in an event where proceeds went to The Nordoff Robbins Children’s Charity.

Guest slots at Renaissance @The Ministry of Sound, and many of London’s smaller cooler underground nights began coming as well monthly gigs in Amsterdam, Zurich and further afield across Europe became the norm, playing alongside Sasha, Nick Warren to name but a few.

Often specialising in the closing set, Steve knows how to work a room, through skillful programming, expert track selection and above all tight mixing and is always an entertainer, both behind the decks and on the dancefloor.

Fast forward to 2016 and Steve after a musically hiatus is now firmly planted in his hometown and birthplace Sydney. With music on his mind, Steve is on the rise again, supporting John Digweed for T-1000 events earlier in the year and most recently the birth of Jigsaw with musical aficionado’s and partners Eddy Wells, Neil Smith and Kate Bailey through Jigsaw will bring something very special to Sydney’s nightlife.

His recent appointment as Operations Manager @Bondi Beach Radio and weekly show Digitize means you can expect to see much more of this likeable Australian, that much is assured

Tim Stealth
Host at The Deep End

Sydney DJ and Hi-Fi guru from Wellington, New Zealand. Lover of all beats music, but mostly good house music of all styles.

Stu Kelly
Host at The Deep End

Stu has called Sydney home since 1999 having grown up in Dublin. Stus Deep End comes with lashes of house, techno, disco and a sprinkling of electronica.

Host at Clockwork

Bloom (Aidan Alexander) discovered electronic music through the bush doof scene and quickly focused in on techno as the main focus of his creative project. He finds himself drawn to music that evokes a meditative mental state and aims to elicit this same effect in those who listen to his tracks and mixes by drawing upon the hypnotic power of minimalism and groove. Soon after it’s inception, Aidan became heavily involved with the orchestration and running of “Rivet” a series of dark music driven outdoor free parties hosted by Big Ting Recordings. He now hosts Clockwork on Bondi Beach Radio, exploring the house and techno spectrum and showcasing talented local DJs and producers.

Host at Breakneck Audio

Electronic music producer & DJ originating from the Blue Mountains, Ncrypt has become a household name in the Drum & Bass scene in Sydney holding down a trifecta win in the NSW DNB DJ State Final and recently signing to the Breakneck Entertainment artist roster with his uniquely diverse style of music production and dedication to the craft.

MK 1
Host at Sounds of the Zulu Nation

Born John Khilla in Sydney 1979, Mista Killa began DJing at the age of 15 with the aid of mentor and friend, New York’s legendary DJ Steve Dee (founder of the X-men and inventor of the funk a.k.a beat juggling). By the age of 18 Mista Killa had developed his own distinct style of DJing, shunning the many culturalclichés of the Hip-Hop scene. Over the years, MistaKilla has been both a resident and guest DJ at many Sydney night spots such as Iguana Bar, Lotel, GAS, BJ’s, Castles, Good Bar, Melt, World Bar and Black Birds Cafe in addition to numerous after parties for illustrious artists ranging from the Sugarhill Gang, The Black Eyed Peas to Duran Duran.

Mista Killa is the Sydney representative for the Universal Zulu Nation Australia Chapter, one of the hardest working DJ’s in Sydney, and with co-host Mirrah east sydney’s hip hop radio pioneers through their long running and inspirational show Sounds of the Zulu Nation.

Between 1997 and 1999 Mista Killa got his first professional push at BJ’s Night Club and Castles. There he spun R&B and Hip Hop to Sydney’s thriving Latin and African community. In this environment, the Afro-Latin rhythms and beats exposed Mista Killa to a wider range and ultimately added to the versatility of his live sets. In 2000, Mista Killa Released the ‘Request Line’ mix tape through Infamous Club Joint All-Stars. Following the release of Request line Mista Killa began a joint venture with LA’s Dj Strong of the CaliUntouchable’s West Coast Mixtape Kings, mashing up original and sampled tracks to be put on a compilation called New Flava’s of the Old School. The project was never officially released due to clearance issues.

Soon after this project Mista Killa was invited to be the resident DJ for the exclusive 2000 Olympics Nightclub playing to athletes throughout the Games. It was here that he met fellow resident Kevin Watts (DJ/Producer/R&B Superclub, Melbourne) and was subsequently welcomed into the Melbourne urban scene for regular interstate appearances.

In 2001, Mista Killa joined the General Pants DJ Crew which enabled him to showcase his talents in different environments, from instore and outdoor fashion shows to international surf and skate competitions at Avalon Beach. A year later, Mista Killa was invited to become a member of the Aria Club Charts. This enabled Mista Killa to give a solid contribution back to the Australian music industry by ensuring that quality artists were getting charted correctly and receiving the credit they deserved. A significant turning point in Mista Killa’s career was his 3 year residency at the world famous Iguana Bar. Rubbing shoulders with local and international celebrities, Mista Killa frequently entertained rock, pop, jazz and hip hop artists well into the early hours in this Kings Cross institution. Currently Mista Killa is a host of Bondi Beach Radio,  regular Guest DJ for a number of Sydney based radio stations such as 2RDJ FM, Koori Radio and FBI Radio playing Hip Hop, Urban, Reggae, Rock, Jazz-Funk, Afro-Latin Beats, and Boogie. With an extensive record collection of 12000+ dating back to the late 30’s, Mista Killa is indisputably one of Sydney most versatile DJ’s.Every set at a Mista Killa Party is a soundtrack to that particular night. Mista Killa is the tour DJ for the international artist Mirrah and is featured on her music video titled ‘Space’, as well as the tour DJ with L-Fresh the Lion.

In 2008 Mista Killa joined the world-renowned Inspire Agency taking on the role of sound designer. As a means to connect with a wider audience Mista Killa delved into freelance journalism focusing on music and exploring social issues affecting our global community.

Mike Hagley
Host at Deep House Australia

Mike is a Sydney local whose music interests lie anywhere from downtempo house and disco to bangin’ acid house and techno. His love for deep house brought him to where he is today.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/mikehagley

Jim Poe
Host at Deep House Australia

Jim Poe has been spinning underground dance music for over 20 years. His career was forged on New York’s house scene in the 1990s, where he was a founding member of the FSR crew, known for their legendary loft parties. Now based in Sydney, Jim is a co-host on Bondi Beach Radio’s Deep House Australia show, and a regular collaborator on The Mancusian Circus. He has played around town for Soul of Sydney, Foxlife, S.A.S.H., Funkdafied, La Famiglia and Locus Cadre amongst others. Jim works as a freelance writer and journalist, and has contributed to inthemix, the Guardian, SBS, Junkee and Beatport. He also makes short films and grows organic vegetables.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jim-poe

Host at Deep House Australia

Coco is originally from Germany, where she first fell in love with electronic music at the age of 14, going to record stores with her older brother and feeding him one record after the other. She picked up her love for dirty baselines and dub in London, but ultimately got stuck in the beautiful realm of tech house, deep house, melodica, techno and the odd things in-between that make you dream, reflect and feel. She likes frosty Australian beer, foot massages, bakery products and watching people have a really good time. Coco also DJs with her partner Ben Booth under the name Playdate.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/mscocopop

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/playdate-266133177

Ben Booth
Host at Deep House Australia

Originally from Tasmania, Ben started playing vinyl back in 1999 when he moved to Tokyo and bought his first set of Technics 1200s. He moved to London and cut his teeth with residencies around Shoreditch and Old Street, but now calls Sydney home. His musical interests are as eclectic as his hat selection. You can find him spinning deep, rolling house; chunky tech; minimal and progressive tunes in clubs around Sydney, but he has a softer side too and loves melodic harmonies, funk, soul and reggae. He enjoys funny cat videos and giving foot massages to his partner in crime Coco when they’re not playing under their alias Playdate.

Frederick Malouf
Host at TheQSE
Frederick has always been on the edge, thinking outside the box. Such a foundation lead him to study architecture, the philosophy of art, which grounded him in applying critical  thinking, not be enveloped in the academia of this. Never content to be stuck in an office and not practice the art of architecture, the perpetual traveller left Australia with borrowed money to Europe. Spending everything in 4 months, he stayed away for 7 years, seeing 33 countries over 3 continents and sailing across the Atlantic twice. A huge head-on collision in Mexico while making his way hitch-hiking to Brazil brought him home to recover.
After completing his masters in design, he fell into radio as a volunteer as the only outlet to broadcast his autonomous ideas, using the platform to learn why being sustainable wasn’t cool. This brought about his discovery that the only platform that values unlimited quality creation in the most sustainable way is gifting. His current program Theqse (The Quality Status Economy), is his platform for discussing the empowerment of gifting to achieve self-awareness, which he expresses playing ambient music during drive time. 🙂
Host at Pink Noise

Marisa is a lover of music in all forms, with experience in Sydney’s cultural scene as a performing artist, composer, sound artist, music venue operator, event coordinator, sound designer and regular selector at Bondi Beach Radio, she aims to bring this knowledge to Pink Noise in order to provide exposure to women in musical and cultural fields.

Instagram: @mfzoom

Host at Pink Noise

Mari is a community radio enthusiast, social media specialist, feminist and listener of everything from experimental noise to K-pop. As a producer for Pink Noise, she hopes to celebrate emerging artists and exciting events that are otherwise underrepresented.


Host at Orbital

Elbee is Sydney based producer and DJ Lloyd Barrett. Beginning his musical education as a classical pianist, Lloyd worked his way through many facets of music, working in bands playing anything from jazz to funk, soul and pop music all the while slowly immersing himself more and more into the world of electronica.

His production and DJ work exhibits elements of avant garde, future beats, techno and ambient influence. Check out Elbee at:

Facebook: https://soundcloud.com/elbeesounds

Instagram: lloydelbee.tumblr.com

Soundcloud: soundlcoud.com/elbeesounds

Nik Fayard
Host at Orbital
Boston Rodriguez
Host at Bondi Beach Breakfast

Whether writing/presenting nationwide radio music documentaries in NEW ZEALAND, winging it as an art auctioneer in JAMAICA, resident DJ for exotic lap-dancing chain in his native homeland LONDON, writing chapters for F1 world champion LEWIS HAMILTON’s biography or composing soundtrack to BAFTA winning short film about respecting life, Boston Rodriguez’ lifestyle choices point towards a distinct allergy to comfort zones. 

Having banked airplay for 15+ years, under his various production aliases/guises, from a host of streetwise BBC Radio genre-specialists, such as taste-makers; GILLES PETERSON (Radio1/6Music), BENJI B (Radio1/1Xtra), CRAIG CHARLES (6Music Funk & Soul & Radio2), AARON ROSS (1Xtra) and PAUL THOMAS (Radio1), Boston Rodriguez is a music-maker that claims no other options left but to challenge creative expectation. As a compulsion to try everything once, has “effectively rendered me

‘a jack of no trades, and a master of none’. In other words, unqualified and unemployable!”

Scoring a debut release through LTJ BUKEM’s seminal GOOD LOOKING RECORDS, debut remix for Defected Record’s DJ AARON ROSS, and debut album showcased on BBCRadio1’s ONE WORLD, Rodriguez was schooled in “defying contrived music industry convention” whilst working day jobs at particular trend-setting, but now defunct legacies of underground music culture. 

Getting weekly pay-slips from Drum&Bass pioneers ‘MOVING SHADOW RECORDS’, the mecca of the broken beat scene ‘GOYAMUSIC/PEOPLE RECORDS’ and by proxy, Gilles Peterson’s awarded BBC Radio1 Worldwide Club of the Year: CO-OP, Boston cites the above as “the best schools in the world, teaching the best subjects in the world”. 

In the meantime, alongside a 6 month sabbatical to conquer the entire mega-environment of GTA’s San Andreas and a spiralling addiction to collecting worldwide native percussion, Rodriguez has produced or remixed artists/bands from across the planet. Including:

Brazil, Jamaica, Senegal, Ghana, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Chile, Argentina, Australia, Pakistan, Samoa, S Africa, UK, NZ, Czech Rep, Poland, France, Italy & UAE. 

His music can be heard across TV & Film, from BRAZIL SOCCER TEAM idents during WORLD CUP soccer coverage to DVD trailers for director DANNY BOYLE feature films. 

From the NEW YORK CITY CANNABIS FILM FESTIVAL to the market leader for topless darts and white trash UK TV, Men & Motors. And his house party DJ sets have spanned the globe, from The Notting Hill Carnival down to Bondi Beach’s Pavilion.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bostonrodriguezmusic

Twitter: @RodriguezBoston

Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/bostonrodriguez

Alex Low
Host at Rhythm Nights

Sydney local Alex Low has been making some noise in recent months, providing his sound at events like S.A.S.H and Rotary Disco. He has come to grow into his own sound, showcasing some of the finest down tempo and deep vibe sounds that house music has to offer. A recent residency with &friends and a weekly hosting on Rhythm Nights on Bondi Beach Radio provides a consistent platform for his expression of the music he loves. By no means does he limit himself to the lower and slower, diving into the darker tech noise that we have come to expect from weekly romps like Welove and Lost in the Zoo. This is a local talent with the passion and diversity that is needed to build a set that will get anyone moving. Be sure to look out for the name, you will not be disappointed.


Alex Pisani
Host at Rhythm Nights and Rhythm Lunch

Pisani is a Sydney based DJ who has done the hard yards slogging it out as a solid music fan and nightlife punter for years before trying his hand at mixing. One of the progenitors of the active online community House and Techno Sydney (H.A.T.S.), his love for the local underground music scene is reflected in his DJ sets, always a carefully crafted selection of House and Techno cuts, and all things in between.

link: https://www.mixcloud.com/House_And_Techno_Sydney/

Andy Donaldson
Host of Rhythm Nights

Andy Donaldson has a DJ history that spans from early 90’s London all the way to present day Sydney.  Across countless nightclubs, parties and warehouses Andy has been bringing experience and tenure to the turntables.  For well over 20 years he’s been spinning tunes, turning on musical minds, and moving dance floors.

His production credits go way back to 1995 as one half of Something Nice on Deus Ex Machina records (with a pre-famous Dido on vocals).  As well as work for seminal 90’s labels like east London’s Ouch! Records.  

He draws from a rich musical heritage of funk, soul, disco and house and owns a record collection that is truly the stuff of legends.  He’s known to move from classic soul and disco, to deep soulful house, to jackin’ party monsters within a single set

Andy traces his musical roots right back to being 5 years old when a neighbour gave him the Stevie Wonder album “Fullfilingness’ First Finale”.  He describes listening to the album as a musical epiphany and says from that moment on he’s never looked back.

Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/andydonaldson

Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/rotarydisco