Our Team

These are the awesome people our members entrust with the custody and direction of our organisation! Head on over to the contact page and drop anyone a message!

Bondi Association of Arts and Music Inc | Bondi Beach Radio

Board of Directors

Exec Director

Julian Lacey

Jules is Bondi Beach Radio’s Big Cahuna, keeping the station BPM at the highest tempo, and the performance to Grammy standards. Jules is also host of one of the longest running shows on BBR, One Life Unlimited

Events & Partnerships Director
Sonja Debeljuh

Sonja runs all the Bondi Beach Radio events and live activations, working with key station partners to ensure our creative vision is a closely shared journey

Non Exec Chair

Darren Ryan

F.U.D. (ask him what this stands for) keeps the board organised and focused, not a job for mere mortals, and brings years of wisdom and mentorship across the team

Culture & Comms Director
Mel Eishou

Mel is the natural custodian of our inimitable culture, ensuring our fiercely independent collaborative heritage stays at the heart of BBR, and our internal and external comms are top tier! Mel also hosts Deeper Than House Radio on BBR

Station Supporters Director
Daniel Henderson

Hendo drives the engagement with the many awesome station supporters and listeners who keep our studio operations sustainable, as well as co-hosting Breakneck Audio on BBR. He thanks all of you on behalf of all of us.

Non Exec Director

Chris Williams

One of the founding members and directors, Chris mentors across a wide range of station operations or event activations as needed

Management Team

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Producer & Partners
Cristina Poon

As well as producing the Wednesday and Thursday showgrid, Cris looks after our partners to ensure they get the most out of their support for our station. Our supporters love her as much as we do!

Head Producer
Margi Boman

Well respected across the industry, Margi heads the BBR producer team who manage the engine room of our great station. Margi leads our collective efforts maintaining our key station criteria across the entire showgrid

Head Studio Manager
Boston Rodriguez

Boston Rodriguez is the pumping pulse of the studio manager team. Training most new shows and trouble shooting any technical issues, he also co-hosts Bondi Beach Breakfast on BBR

Showgrid Producer

Jon Guetano

Jon produces the eclectic Monday and Tuesday shows on BBR, bringing calm and focus when needed to the creative chaos. Jon also hosts House Life on BBR on Saturdays at midday.

Showgrid Producer

Steve Marx

Steve Marx has been in or around the progressive electronic scene in London and Sydney for decades, and part of BBR for a number of years. Steve hosts One Dot Six Two on BBR and produces the weekend showgrid crews.

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Marketing Manager

Irena Stella

Iresh is one of the creative leaders amongst the BBR collective, an inspiration behind the Stay Fly collective, Flow Fest, and many many more music and art events around Sydney. Iresh runs the BBR Insta account, as well as co hosting Fly Waves on BBR