Boston & Ciara

Bondi Beach Breakfast creators and originators, Boston Rodriguez and Ciara Smith are back in the house, back in the hizzle, back in the studio McSnizzle!

Having previously shared thousands of hours of live radio together since 2015, following a 2yr sabbatical, Boston & Ciara return to the airwaves fired up and ready for 0001PC [Post-Covid]. 

Collecting radio experience en-route, from NZ-On-Air funded underground interview series on cult Auckland based station Base FM, to launching the first ever drive show from Radio Burger Fuel (broadcast across 7 continents) to accidentally recording summer jingle voice-overs for BBCRadio1, one thing is very clear…. Boston and Ciara LOVE RADIO,,, in particularly, BREAKFAST RADIO,,, in particularly,,, BONDI BEACH BREAKFAST

With birthday’s just minutes apart, the Gemini pair evidently don’t take themselves remotely seriously, claiming together breakfast radio is the easiest gig in the world: “you just open your mouth and the words come out”, and that early alarm calls aren’t so bad as you’ve got all the time in the world to sleep when you’re dead