Bondi Beach Breakfast

Celebrating the fact we have oxygen in our lungs, sunlight in our retinas and simply being alive, Bondi Beach Breakfast is a feel good breakfast radio show, broadcasting Monday to Friday on BBR from 7 till 9am

Blacklisting politics or any other form of negative influence from the banter, BBB promotes all & everything good, upcoming and happening fresh in both the local and global communities. Featuring segments such as The Happiest News On The Planet Right Now and daily community lowdown: Feet-On-The-Street

With an aversion, in fact allergy to music genre definition, expect to hear everything from 18th century opera, the latest D&B dub plates straight outta London to the Jurassic Park theme played at 4,500 times as slow
Wanna kick start your day with a smile, jump lively onto Bondi Beach Breakfast