Prescription Radio

Prescription Radio was launched in conjunction with Prescription Night Club in 2013. Both Prescription night club events  and the radio show are designed to be the soundtrack for parties. DJ Fasmwa is the show host and creative director, DJ Fasmwa is a Caribbean musical specialist. He is focused on the musical genres of Soca, Dancehall & Reggae. Prescription radio aims to help grow the genres of Soca, Dancehall & Reggae in Sydney’s’ vibrant musical landscape.

The show has done interviews, and has special guest featured live in the Bondi Beach Radio Studios. Such as:

“International Stephen” of the DSM Agency International (, “Dr. Jay”, (Toronto) (,

“Silent Killa”, (Houston) (,

“Trini Gladiata” (Trinidad/UK) (

“Errol Renaud” (Caribbean Soul) ( the studio we have had the pleasure of having International Dancehall Legend “Beenie Man” ( and International Soca artist “Nailah Blackman” (