The Noble Savage Show

On Air:
Monday : 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Experimental, Beats, Bass, Dubs, Instrumentals, Rare Grooves, Trip Hop, Trap, Electronic, Soul, Satirical, Minimal, Subliminal, Theatrical, Down Beat + Broken, the Un-Official Binaural Beat Re-Mixes. Spoken word, poetry and classical music

A Digital Cacophony of musical explorations into alpha beta delta theta waves for self empowering states of mind in this current millennium.

Meditative and Hypnotic with a heavy emphasis on self awareness and well being.

Audio therapy for positive affirmations in our fragmented daily lives of chaos and disruption.

Colonised + Curated Cinematic Soundscapes.  The return of the Noble Savage Show, revamped and refreshed for a brand new decade, the 2020’s and beyond. Easy Listening for difficult times.

Conceptual and experimental the Noble Savage Show aims to be a refuge and a virtual lounge for the intellectual thinker and feeler. Tune in and take the ride to the 3rd space, the final frontier where we push the boundaries of your audio comforts in the safe environment of the BBR universe.