Our Sustainability Pledge

Bondi Association of Arts and Music Inc | Bondi Beach Radio are committed to leading and promoting sustainable media and events outcomes for our supporters and stakeholders and our planet.

Alongside our station partner in event sustainability Canvas Events we recognise to tackle the world’s economic, environmental and social problems most effectively our artist collective and our supporters and stakeholders need to combine their energy and act together. Although the digital visual and audio world of the internet and social media creates great new possibilities, it cannot replace the experience, buzz and sheer enjoyment of the personal contact offered by events. We recognise that our radio station collective is often at the core of the local music and events scene and are in a privileged position to lead by example and report on progress and outcomes from our actions in order to motivate and inspire others.

We recognise the “ great time we had today ” can leave an aftermath of problems for tomorrow. When people get together, particularly in large numbers, they can put a strain on local resources such as water and energy, and create significant waste, or tensions related to culture or sheer proximity with neighbouring communities especially in relation to noise.

We acknowledge it makes sense to take an organised approach to managing these economic, environmental and social impacts in media and event management, including monitoring and measuring benchmarks providing opportunities to reduce the use of resources and cut costs.