The future of events in a corona-coaster world

The music world has been in a spin since the new corona virus drove into town on its modified bat-mobile. With festivals and venues first to be hit with lockdowns and social distancing restrictions, and looking likely to be the last to return to any sort of pre corona virus normality, necessity has once again become the mother of invention to keep our live music scene alive. Here at BBR HQ we expect a number of these innovations will become derigeur

Drive Ins are Back Baby

During the 1950s, drive-in theatres starting popping up all over Sydney. From Frenchs Forest to Dundas to Fairfield, then Bass Hill, Caringbah, North Ryde, Chullora, and Matraville. At their peak in the late 60’s there were over 300 of them.┬áBut then the 1970s arrived with colour TV, then videos, and finally the onset of the Sydney developer plague turning the average 15 acre drive in lots into higher density shopping centres, housing estates, and apartment blocks, and this was the end of an era. More recently we saw an evolution back to outdoor cinema activity, without the cars, with moonlight cinemas growing again in popularity. Who would have thought this re-engaging with the great outdoors in a fusion with entertainment would come full circle as drive ins make a comeback for not only cinema but also full stage concerts! Carpark rooftops, stadium parking lots, golf courses, and municipal parks, are all spaces to watch for more in-vehicle entertainment with food and beverage brought to the car window and sound on your car stereo via a local narrowcast radio wave

Outdoor Spaces

Following the trend back to Drive Ins, we’re all moving out of dark and dingy clubs and bars, and into the wide open outdoors, with socially distanced benches and tables, and food and beverage ordered via a phone app for delivery to your table. Who knows, these hospitality staff may even evolve to be robots. The introverts amongst us love the space, and at least we are getting back to nature. For rock concerts though, this thins out numbers by 80%, so ticket prices would go up 5 times. $500 for a $100 concert ticket anyone? Very Isolated People (VIP) only

Chair Dancing

Yeah. Nah. Tried. Failed. Moving on.

How Much? Tell Them They’re Streaming

As one of the first radio stations in Australia to fully embrace the digital inter-webby airwaves 7 years ago, leaving behind the archaic analogue FM waves the same way we had shifted black and white television to the back room of the Powerhouse museum, BBR understands all too well the convenience of on-demand streaming of live music. The combination of digitally savvy artists, lower cost and higher quality production, and the public health dictated need to create your live gig experience in your own socially distanced home means streaming audio and video is here to stay. Expect more tailored searches at your fingertips to instantly match your needs, aligned with exclusive behind the paywall experiences from a venue or other iconic setting, to lead the way. And of course BBR’s epic selectors at the heart of it all in Sydney town as always!